I love the 90’s music. Like Aerosmith, everclear, third eye blind, three doors down, everlast, the verve, the verve pipes, and more.
But I’m not 100% sure what genre they would fall under.


  • Aerosmith=Glam Metal(like gnr bonjovi poison…Love metal pop metal like europe falls under glam metal)
    3 Doors Down=Alternative Metal{post-grunge like 3 days grace foo fighters}alt. Metal is litl softer than other metal it sound like rock. Third eye blind is a alt. Rock..
    Im sure abt it. Im huge metal fan. Bonjovi used to be glam metal but the play rock pop too..But glam metal ir typical genre

  • everclear,third eye blind is alternative rock and 3 dooors down could be classed along with that.aerosmith classic rock/

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