Who knows about the Wiccan holiday Christmas is retrofitted from?

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I was wondering about the Wiccan holiday that took place around the time that many people celebrate Christmas now. I know it has to do with trees and some kind of winter festival but I would like to know more. Please link or tell where you are getting the information from. Thank you.

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Winter Solstice

ShortcutHerbal Goody

I do one of my sources are:
Contact Llewellyn ( William G. Gray)
PO Box 6438-273, St.Paul, MN 55164-0383,
USA request the LLewellyn New Times.. Send $1.00 and sase with your request and also ask
about that Wiccan Holiday!
You asked where.. You can read the Info! Yourself!

LabGrrl Science!!!!

I have been Wiccan for over 20 years.
Wicca is a new religion of the old gods. At best, Wicca is a religion in it’s second half century. It came after Christianity, not before.
There are a number of holidays that Christians borrowed to make their Christmas, most falling around the Winter Solstice, a holiday Wiccans and others celebrate.
I would advocate a websearch on Saturnalia, “Saxon Yule” (and I suggest using the quotation marks,) Bacchanalia, and “Dies Natalis Solis Invicti”
You can also try:


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