Home Discussion Forum Who knows about auras?

Who knows about auras?

I am wondering about auras does anyone know?


  1. I know they are a scam to get your money & control you.
    No one has ever, EVER, passed a test to prove they could detect an “aura,” nor proven they exist.

  2. You could look up Kirilian Photography on yahoo search which detects energy field over the body, leaves etc.
    Auras are simply layers of energy which surround our body. Look up at http://www.amazon.com for books that can help you see Auras.
    I can personally see at least the basic layer called Etheric.
    Plenty of exercises to enhance the ability of observing ‘energy’.
    Good q.

  3. i do,Auras are what some people can see around other people depending on how faded or bright it is can determine a persons mood but i always look at the eyes they tell so much more

  4. Yes. Be careful not to pay any money for this or agree to see anyone. Don’t give them personal information.
    I’ll be happy to help.
    Email me.
    And no, you don’t owe me anything for it. If you feel debt afterward, pass it on by doing something helpful to someone else who didn’t expect it.

  5. Some of the above answers had good info.
    You may also want to look into the study of “Ki Flow”
    Primarily in the martial art Aikido.
    Find a more of an esoteric instructor and have your mind opened and reconnected to the universe.


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