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Who is the shaman? And their specificity?

Where i can meet best shamans?


  1. That would depend on what sort of shaman you are looking for. In general a shaman is one who uses a method to open their awareness to a different part of reality in which they have the ability to communicate with the spiritual world or dimension within the realm of the spirits. This differs from spiritualists, mediums and others who have contact within the physical world.
    Many people believe shaman are healers and traditionally many are/have been although this is not a requirement. A shaman may have any function as any other person, it is simply the willful spiritual contact outside of the physical realm by a particular method that sets them apart.
    Among Native Americans there is the possibility as is with many other cultures although the term shaman is not used traditionally by Native Americans among themselves, the term is English and for some Native Americans they do find it offensive to refer to them as such. Another problem is that there are many who will claim to be shaman and have learned from a Native American teacher. This is possible but extremely rare if the person them self is not Native. These persons who errant claim to be shaman tend to be the most common.
    Another group that claim to be shaman are those involved with witchcraft or Wicca and use shamanic practices to find their spirit guides. Many of these are nothing more than New Age fluff bunnies that have created their own idea of shamanism.
    Avoid anyone who practices a form of shamanism that uses some sort of drug to induce the state of mind required to practice shamanism. Chemically induced states being required show an incompetence in their ability and may also alter the required coherence to be able to fully comprehend the spiritual communication.
    Now for who is a shaman? It can be anyone in or from any culture as described above.
    And their speciality? This is personal and can be one or more aspects depending on the individual.
    Where best to meet them? Any place, particularly you may find pagan groups or esoteric shops in your area and ask if any are known of in the area. You can also check on the Internet for anyone in your area or groups that may be able to give you some contacts. Try witchvox.com for starters.
    Before you accept anyone as being a shaman, it would be worth learning some about shamanism and possibly even getting a feel for what is done in order for you to be better able to pick out fakes and frauds. A good basic book to start with is “The Way of the Shaman” by Michael Harner, He also has an Internet site and a Center for Shamanic Studies. Both Harner and Sandra Ingerman have some interesting books as do some others, it does not hurt to get different perspectives. Along with their books, Harner and Ingerman also have CD and cassettes that you can try in order to alter your consciousness. Sandra Ingerman also includes a CD in at least one of her books although I do not remember the title.
    Good luck in your search and remember to always remain skeptical but at the same time keep an open mind. I have experience in this area but am in Germany so meeting would not be likely unless you are also here or passing through with the military. I am one of the alternate religion contacts for our area for both the US Army and US Air Force, fully sponsored and registered and we have weekly meetings in the base chapel.

  2. Amoung the Buryat People in the Lake Baikal area.
    Read the book Shamanism by Piers Vitebsky-it’s an excellent over view of Shamanism.


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