Who is the best fighter in the world if it was a fight to the death with no rules?






I would like to say Fedor but are there people out there who don’t compete in MMA leagues and just train for the art who could kill him with lethal strikes to pressure point areas?
What about Asian martial art masters who train in tiny towns.
I am talking of a fight with no weapons, no ring just open land, and no rules, you can headbutt, elbow, hit to the back of the head, and even use “chi energy” if that is real.


  1. Well you said no weopons so I’d say it would be a Brazillian Ju-Jitsu guy because he could stop you from striking him with those pressure points and choke you to death with a long list of moves.

  2. Ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny?
    I elect someone trained in killing, not in wrestling style sports. I suspect such an individual would be in some country’s military or police force and most likely unknown to us.

  3. Hm, I have to second the Maasaki comment if it were living people, hmm…. there wouldn’t be any living grapplers because I’m assuming you mean that everyone is fighting at once and grapplers are built for one on one…. a bad fact, but true nonetheless, if it included dead people….. perhaps Yip Man, the guy that trained Bruce Lee, he’s definetely powerful and is more than capable of avoiding a beating…. Wing Tsun is also a good killing style because of the range and power…. Li Ziming is also a definite if it included dead people, he was a master of Bagua and that style’s deceptive footwork, explosive energy, as well as speed would be good for fighting many enemies at once….. Lastly, I think the last candidate for victory would be a member of the Israeli special forces…. simply because they’re trained to deal with crime in the most chaotic country in the world.

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