who is steven hawking?

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and why is he so special? im not bein racist because he is in a wheelchair i just want to know why he is famous?

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he’s famous cos people in general just pity him

Kat Moonsstar

stephen hawking is a genius, he developed several thoeries about space and the universe.

♥♥Atashi no Sesshomaru~sama♥♥

He is someone who shows us how petty we are to complain about weight, looks, color of skin, height, and all physical attributes you can think of; when he has crossed all those barriers to become one of the greatest scientist of all times – yeah, even after being bound to a wheelchair almost all his life !!!!
His most noticebale and praiseworthy achievement is the “black hole theory – the emergence of universe”.
Well! actually that’s where most living beings come out from. (sorry, i couldn’t resist the pun). lol!!


World renowned theoretical physicist.
Very few understand enough about physics to truly appreciate how intelligent he is. Possibly beyond Einstein.


Stephen Hawkin is a physicist and has shown people that despite being able to walk and talk like us, there is a brain. He has developed theories using mathmatic and physics. He shows so much courage in his work.




A: You mean discriminate: racist is against a race, hence RACE-ist.
B: He’s one of the world biggest geniuses.


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