Who is making these amazing crop circles and why?

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In doing research on this subject, as I am a curious one…I stumbled on to this. Now the way I see this is there has to be some major crop damage..What does the farmer have to say about this topic, anyone know?…Also some of these crop circles are Thought provoking in their design..does anyone seriously really know, What it is all about?
Serious answers only please….

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Chris S

i remember watching a show about it a few years ago. from what i remember a lot of people do it as a practical joke.
personally i think some do it so it will show up on satalite pictures such as google earth. i have seen a few on there. maybe they just think it is funny


Night riders————–artists on tractors


I saw on a documentary that some of them were proven to be hoaxes. An example was these two farmers wanted attention and said they believed they were from UFO’s. Later, it was revealed the farmers did it themselves.

♫♪Dudette ♪♫[MEOW-OUCH]

I watched the two guys responsible for doing those crop circles along with other hoaxes in some channel, I can’t remember if it was Nat Geo or some other channel, anyway the two guys doing this actually showed how they did the circles. First they made a computer design of what it would be like along with specific measurements. Then they would step on the crops to shape them into that design, something that takes skill because if they step at the wrong distance or in the wrong spot they have to improvise. Clever, huh!
Just found ya a link!

Jehovah's (servant) Girl!

People can do almost anything if they have the money and the time.
This reminds me of a story here;
A fossil of a mammoth dated back some 100,000 years ago, was supposed to have been found. But instead it turned out to be the remains of an elephant that had been buried in the 1950’s. The elephant was in a traveling circus and died so the owner buried it on some private property.
haha hehe I still laugh at this because it was a big thing here.

Star T

Big foot did them! Now if we can only find him, he would be able to confirm it.


Yeah well it has been shown that people do this. it was on tv a few years back when a group of guys showed how they do it. But who knows maybe some Et’s do it too or influence people to do it via telepathy.
I would think they would be busy doing other more important things than drawing pictures on a farm to amuse people but hey ya never know now do


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