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Im am just starting Magick and all. I just wanted to know if anyone would like to keep contact with me and help me out when i need it. I just feel a little uncomfortable doing this whole thing, esspecially bu myself. I have not told anyone about the start of this journey. Should I have? If anyone would like to help or give some advise or what ever, please email me. Thanks so much!


  1. congratulations on your faith in something that so few believe is real 🙂 i think you will find that magick is incredibly rewarding mentally and spiritually if you use it right. always strive to make yourself comfortable with what you are doing, but of course you will be nervous at first. read, listen, and learn all that you can and dont worry about necessarily doing until you feel you are capable. I’d love to share what I know and discuss your thoughts, email me at any time.

  2. Email me if u need to talk at tahirih DOT luv2sew DOT 6437 AT gmail DOT com. (sorries, but spammers are always about…) Talk to me anytime. I started out not too long ago, so I know how you are feeling.. Coming out to your family (if you wish, you don’t have to if you don’t want to) about this spiritual path is probably the hardest part.

  3. Sure, I would love to help! Beggining your journey will be a hard and tedious one, but worth it all the while! Furthermore why are you feeling uncomfortable? It should feel natural to you (solitary) but it may feel uncomfortable to you when your interacting with others, knowing that you have a little secret. Eventually when you feel more secure with your beliefs it wont be as hard, and perhaps one day you can share your magickal beliefs with others,
    e-mail me any time at:

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