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Who is greater: Sun Tzu AKA pride of the Chinese vs Albert Einstein AKA pride of the Jews?

Sun Tzu’s accomplishments: The Art of War, Mathematical Treatise in Nine Sections, The Chinese Remainder Theorem (used in encryptions, signal processing, computers)
Albert Einstein’s accomplishments: mass-energy equation, theory of relativity, the Einsteinium element
Who is greater?


  1. Both had great accomplishments in different arena.
    Sun Tzu’s art of war helped a country win the war against other country and such strategies can be applied to our daily life to help us win business deals and relationships etc. its pretty cool.

  2. Albert Einstein…. his role in the development of the Atomic bomb changed the world as they knew it. He was the greatest scientist to ever live, he was not only brilliant he was humble and minutes after Hiroshima… he knew he had given the key of destruction to mankind and he became a recluse.

  3. Actually, it’s uncertain if Sun Tzu did any of those things. The Art of War and other thing attributed to him may just have been named after him because he was ruling at the time, much like the King James Bible wasn’t written by King James, and Elizabethan theatre wasn’t written by Queen Elizabeth.


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