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Who is good about dream interpretations?

I want to speak abotu a dream of mine privately?
Particularly someone who understands the idea of telepathy and weird paranormal experiences.


  1. It depends on the dream, I helped a few people with their dreams, so you can tell me yours, and I will have about a 50 50 shot at it. Please let my try to help you. -Paige

  2. I am a true believer, and I have, at times, helped to interpret dreams. I approach from a non-biased point of view so you won’t be getting a bunch of superstitios crap. I would love to help but I don’t check my e-mails a lot. You should probably send the dream to this e-mail because I check this one about twice every day(I’m strange like that)…

  3. there are many types of dreams, from the pleasant to the nightmares. All are puported to have a meaning. Is that meaning something that has affectedyouor will affect you? Who knows. But I am good and reading the imagry. It’s the same technique I use when interpreting the Tarot- like cards that I use. I’m no Joeseph with his multicolor coat, But i’m still pretty good.
    email me.

  4. Well I don’ t have personal knowledge about telepathy bud do about paranormal experiences. You can click on my icon and look at my “best answers”. They will who the dream interpretation category. It is your choice whether to contact me or not.


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