Who is familiar with Descartes third meditation that has time to help a college student?

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At the beginning of the third meditation, Descartes argues he can trust his clear and distinct perceptions. Explain this argument. Also explain why Descartes argument for the existence of God is not circular. You help would be greatly appreciated

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Sparknotes are on-line. I’d start here:

alex S

You can explore http://www.meditationsguide.com for more detail..


God is beyond perceptions as it is not limited by the dimensions we know of namely space and time. So the futility of the argument lies with detection of God using faulty or incapable instrument i.e. perception.
How many times it so happens that our sensory organs however clear and distinct thay are, are tricked, simple examples are even road-side magic shows.
To know your ‘self’ practice meditation. Simple free guided meditations can be found at


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