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who here thinks sleep paralysis is related to spirits/ghosts and what would that mean for ME?

I have had issues with sleep paralysis since I was very young. It is awful. I use to think I was abducted by aliens or something. I also dream a LOT. I don’t know if that matters. Sometimes I start dreaming before I am fully asleep and I hear people talking (not to me, not about me, not in my voice, just random people talking to each othe, like you would hear if standing in a mall). When I was little I described it as feeling like a train was coming but I saw no train and I couldn’t move. Other time I felt like I was tied to a string and spinning. Other times I got a weird sensation, like something enormous, next to something microscpoic, one hurdling toward or spinning around the other. It as a weird feeling. I’m not sure, ghosts, medical condition, strange unknown reasons…..any ideas?
It still happens quite often, sometimes lasting up to an hour. With brief periods of movement before I slip back into it.


  1. i know exactly how u feel. sleep paralysis is nothing but a confusion between the brain and the body. its probably because you are getting too much sleep. when thats the case, you body is ready to wake up but your brain is not sending electric waves to move your body. so you are caught in the middle. i am not sure about the whole ghost thing but when ur trying to come out of a dream and your brain wont let you, it can scare the hell out of you.

  2. you shoulda probably go to a psychiatrist cause its sounds like a mental thing. Also check out hypnosis…it should snap u ou of it

  3. I experience this a couple times a month. The whole ghost and spirit thing is a side effect of sleep paralysis. When you are caught waking up and can’t move, hallucinations happen. (Sometimes) Scientists believe that these hallucinations happen because you are awake, but the brain is still sending signals to dream and also the whole paralyze sensation. It sucks when it happens. It’s happened my whole life and it also happens to my mother.


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