Who here is in favor of the idea of telekinesis and telepathy?

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I would sure like to be able to do such things.


I’ll take some of that power!

saturn 1

Not only am I in favor, I think people are becoming especially more telepathic. Telekinesis will probably take a little longer to develope.


Me! But whenever you say you are ‘in favor’ people usually think you are crazy… and it is a pity….


I think we are getting there,yes I’m in favor of both.


I usually use telekinesis to turn the light switch off in my room. With a broom, as I’m too lazy to get up.
Telepathy, you mean… like talking on the phone? It’s really funny when people say they are communicating telepathically, because there is always something about another person you can ‘sense’ without seeing them or touching them or talking to them. It’s called common sense and intuition.


I stronly believe in it and not easy to use it comes and it goes hahaha epecially if I get angry hahahahehehe or am stressed hahaha but I do truly believe in it :))))))


Humans were intended to practice these abilities as a normal/ordinary part of their lives, along with other “special abilities”. Their availability is encoded in our DNA.
However, for reasons not known by most, there has been intentional interference with the proper unfoldment of all of our inherent, DNA supported, abilities, according to some researchers. Nevertheless, numerous people, with enough effort and discipline, have managed to empower this portion of our birthright.
See on point http://www.keylonticdictionary.org/Words/D/DNA.htm Start here and go as far as your interest permits. This is quite intriguing material :))
This also is interesting

Jan Stolz

Would be nice, but so far every example has proven to be a hoax or simple magician’s trick. Even Uri Geller was faking it.

Mythogical Beast

While it would be a really cool idea, the odds seem to be strongly against it. With very few exceptions, everything that has evolved in man has also evolved in some other creature, and other creatures have evolved a huge array of things that man can’t even replicate with technology yet. Even the large brain exists, and has existed previously. We just happen to have evolved unique thinking behaviors that have resulted in an unusually optimal use of the big brains we have.
We have already demonstrated that the ability to communicate over distances has an immense competitive advantage, and the ability to move things without having to touch them would have even greater advantage. Any creature that evolved that ability (even a subgroup of man) would quickly dominate their species, out-competing others in their species for resources and driving other similar creatures into extinction while at the same time be coming extremely plentiful.
Put another way, if such a thing were possible with the existing biological “wetware” on this planet, then it would not have remained something for which we can find no examples in nature.


I don’t know about telekinesis.
Powers of telepathy I believe exist and are exercised as part of our survival mechanism. Somethings may be coincidental but look at some coincidental things that happened and someone lived because of them ?
I was in a hospital waiting room when a relative was in ICU becasue of a coronary. Another family was in there because a lady’s adult son was injured in a car accident. About a week before he had the accident the mom renewed his health insurance on a “whim” she knew it was a blessing.

Alexander K

It’s all about mind over matter. How many times have we thought of somebody only to hear about him or see him the next moment. We are all in a limited way telepathic, but you could never say we use telepathy to communicate or telekinesis to do things. We are probably far from realising that, but I believe it’s 100% possible…

Rachel M

I’m all for both of them.


I seem to share that with a couple of my friends on a certain level. Once I tried to “call” one of my friends when I saw him at a football game, and when he finally caught up to me he said he could’ve sworn that he heard someone yelling inside his head.

El Tee

Wait a second! Is this what we’ve been waiting for – a consensus? Geez! If that’s all it took, we sure have wasted a lot of time. Let’s get to it. I think we should assume that the majority is in favor and just weed out those knuckleheads who think it’s a bad idea. Then we can get down to business, remembering other people’s PIN numbers and pulling the loose change out of their pockets.
Seriously though, I want to comment on Mythological Beasts comment than we can find no examples in nature. Sharks find hidden prey by sensing the electrical energy in their muscles. Now since the brain’s activity is electrical, that’s not too far from it, especially considering that sharks’ brains are not well-developed, cognitively speaking.


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