Home Discussion Forum Who has used feng shui in there home?

Who has used feng shui in there home?

I’m trying to use feng shui in my room. I seem more peaceful after I have been able to get a better flow out of my room.
I want to hear other people’s stories of feng shui in there home or room
PS all I have is a room…I live with my parents
and I have to use my room as my office as well…which was difficult to do by feng shui standards


  1. Not much but a little. To be honest, the only effect I noticed was a negative one: My relationship corner falls where my stove is, so I hung a pair of red oven mitts there. Everything went downhill in my relationship. Then I thought about it, and the oven mitts were pointing down. I took them down and put them back in a drawer and everything got better. Probably just coincidence or whatever, but I thought it was weird.

  2. i used feng shui in my room once, and honestly, i didnt notice a difference in the way i felt or anything. its a nice idea, though, and my room looked good.


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