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Who has undergone age regression hypnosis?

For any sort of purpose, but especially to channel their past lives? I know there are so-called “professional” hypnotherapists who charge a hefty amount for a half-hour session, but if you were to “try this at home” (as all warnings advise against), what would be the chance of success?
And, more importantly, has anyone here done this in order to get in touch with – not *their* past/childhood – but past lives? I’m awfully curious.
Jo – interesting! – how so, (if you wouldn’t mind sharing?)


  1. i did it it was the worst thing i could have done.. it wasnt sucessful and just opened a can of worms that should not have been opened .. most *courses * are run by amateures and will go for about 6 weeks ,,they are not trained to deal with the bull sh*t they create!!

  2. I have not tried past life regression (PLR). PLR is really a crock and not recognized by psychologists as a valid therapy, and really what it does is create false memories as opposed to retrieving real ones from past lives. See the link below.
    If PLR done by a PLR “therapist” is just an exercise in creating false memories, then doing this at home with an amateur PLR therapist is probably just going to be a bigger mess.

  3. I wanted to visit a past life regression therapist myself but financy didn’t allow me. i tried ”hypnotising” myself – relaxing, concentrating .. at home with and without the aid of a helping instructions in a book called through time into healing by DR Brian Weiss, but it didn’t work.
    i’ve read several books on this therapy by three different authors and the thing i learned from there is that the effects might be both positive or negative. it doesn’t work for all people. it’s a very sensitive activity and lot of practise/professionalism should be involved.
    i didn’t understand what the person before me meant by .. was it.. creating false past life memories. that’s contradictory. the concept ”memories” isn’t the main thing, it’s what you experience. it can be imagination, past (life) memory, a glipse into the future, meeting with other souls/spirits/jesus etc. now i’m going little off topic..
    i have a close friend who has visions almost on a daily basis, which include also past life memories. he’s really allowing something to easily pass through him, he’s giving some ”higher powers” to take the ”responsibility” of himself. he ignores or isn’t affected by lot of things that other people would get affected but at the same time he pays attention to such other details that people would not normally pay any attention to. sometimes these small things are really silly to think about.
    he got some visions for us so that i would also start having them and he would have more of them. these are: don’t use your brain as a storage, but as a receiver. and another thing is to start thinking out of the box. if you see a cat, imagine that’s someone’s angel waiting for the host that is protected by this cat etc…
    stuff like that.

  4. There is reason to believe that Past Life Regression (PLR) is nothing more than a person creating false memories while under hypnosis. This occurs when the person is guided by a “therapist” asking questions which guide or suggest to the hypnotized person what sort of answers are expected. For example:
    Therapist: I want you to regress into your past life and tell me what you see.
    Person: I am working in a shoppe carving wooden shoes in olde Amsterdam.
    The question begs the response and the person is likely to give the questioner what they both want to hear.
    PLR success rates are in direct relation to the belief of the person being hypnotized. The details offered are rarely verifiable and are often incorrect. I am aware of no case where a person has provided any information beyond his/her current understanding of a period. There are also examples of people who speak with accented English, but are unable to speak in the language itself. In other words, there is nothing that has been produced through PLR that is inconsistent with the whole story being invented.
    You are welcome to believe in PLR if you wish, but you should be open-minded to the possibility it’s all hogwash.

  5. First of all hypnotists are like any other profession, some are very good and some are crap. I am personally a hypnotherapist and have not done age regression but I have done past life hypnosis but only at the request of the client. I advise against age regression because if you do not have memories of something it is because you can’t deal with them consciously and that is your way of dealing with them. Though these things still effect you which may or may not need to be resolved. A good hypnotherapist can help you with dealing with hidden memories but in a more careful manner than I’ve seen what you call age regression. As far as past life hypnosis goes there is no way to prove or to know that what people see as their past life really happened or if it’s something made up. Though regardless even if it’s made up it is still in their mind and their thoughts and can be used to better help the client. Also hypnotists do not have to be highly certified or qualified to be “professional” Anyone who has understanding of it are able to do it. If there are warnings against doing this in your own home or especially warnings against self hypnosis then that is just ridiculous. Though with the understandings of the mind and hypnosis you can gain knowledge of mind control and that is something different and I’m sure that is what you are reading about that is advised against.


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