Home Discussion Forum Who has the three talismans in sailor moon s?

Who has the three talismans in sailor moon s?

and does anyone kno when they find them? (which episodes)


  1. Actually I can’t give you a detailed answer since I watched it a long time ago.
    The owners of the 3 talismans are like what Kunoichi said:
    1. Space Sword – Sailor Uranus
    2. Water / Aqua Mirror – Sailor Neptune
    3. Garnet Orb – Sailor Pluto.
    If I remember correctly, Space Sword and Aqua Mirror was obtained together. This enemy (I forgot who she is) was attacking someone else (?) when Uranus stepped in and was shot instead – which is when Space Sword came out. Neptune, devastated to see Uranus like that, in the end shot herself with the same device used to extract Uranus’ soul and Aqua Mirror was obtained later.
    Pluto’s Garnet Orb was already on her Time Staff and she was the one retrieving the other two Talismans back to their owners.
    Or so I recalled. Sorry for the lack of info since I watched it on TV like 5 years ago? So I forgot already. XD

  2. Kunoichi got the first part of your question correct. As for the other part, the first two talismans are revealed and found in Japanese episode 110 “Deaths of Uranus and Neptune. Talismans Appear!”, which is English dub episode 103 Destiny’s Arrival. (It doesn’t happen exactly as Luna_Meow described it, but I won’t spoil the surprise for you.) Sailor Pluto reveals her talisman in the very next episode.
    But don’t skip all the way ahead to that episode, beacuse an important plot twist is revealed in Japanese episode 109/English dub episode 102!


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