Home Discussion Forum Who has successfully thrown a glamour spell in any form of witchcraft?

Who has successfully thrown a glamour spell in any form of witchcraft?

Just asking,have any Wiccans, Satanists or other practitioners of witchcraft here ever successfully thrown a glamour?
(Please don’t bombard me with stuff about Jesus, I get enough of that from my parents. Thanks bunches.)


    • You don’t seem to have knowledge and wisdom about magick. . .if you don’t better get rid of commenting to this kind of msgs coz in the first place. . .you’re wisdom doesn’t fit what this page contains. . .life is not just about the things that you are seeing around yiu and what science can only explain coz fyi there are a lot of things that takes place mystically but up until this modern age science can’t provide SENSEFUL explanations. .

  1. No one. That stuff is like prayer healing – it doesn’t work.
    “Alternative” religions seem to appeal to people who are strong enough to reject the mainstream religions, but are still too mentally weak to reject ALL religion.
    So they adopt “reconstructed” or newly invented “spiritual disciplines.”
    Kinda sad, really. They have such promise, but throw it away to follow “spells.”

  2. ok
    I’m on the web to research the history of glamour spells when i found your question.I found a glamour spell for protection.It’s on pg 49 of a book titled Simple Spells for Success by Barrie Dolnick. I have not tried this yet as I am still researching the topic. This is for protection and not related to any form of vamapire belief. I hope that helps. Good luck!

  3. I haven’t ever tried a glamor spell – I don’t really see a point, but you do realize that they don’t physically change appearance, right? So if you’re trying to change your hair or eye color or make yourself taller, it ain’t gonna happen. Glamor spells help you radiate attractiveness. It’s not a change in appearance. You don’t need a spell for that, just concentrate on vibrating in harmony with the traits you wish others to see in you.

    • Merry meet
      No Glamour’s do not change your appearance they show what you wish for others to see when they look at you.
      Merry meet, Merry part, and Merry meet again

  4. Actually im glad i found this so i could help, I’m wiccan, a solitary one at that. Glamour is my best skill, it’s not something big like making you invisable or flotting in air. Glamour doesn’t work like that. Glamour is a mindset thing, that involves intense consentration, spiritual reconing and the mind set to change what is you. Glamour works but it takes practice, id say try something small first like your eyes or hair. If you have blond hair try consentrating oon making it darker imagien your hair darker and others seeing it darker. you must keep focused of the effect or the Glamor will disapear

  5. I’ve rarely heard of anyone these days casting an old school glamour (that is, a glamour that creates the illusion of changed appearance). Thanks to Abrahamic Religions forbidding any form of mysticism and New Agers (who really know very little about the supernatural) changing all the definitions and methods for things like glamours – well, the kind of glamour you’re talking about (a proper glamour), they’re hard to pull off with all the destroyed and corrupted information (again, thanks jesus and new agers). I’ve personally never bothered with glamours (mainly because the very few I know of are of little effect and temporary at best) but I know others that use them regardless. Unfortunately, again, they’re nothing like the glamours people (allegedly) did back in the day. However, I’m sure someone with the right experience and info is out there somewhere working perfectly potent glamours (haha, good like finding them on the internet though). peace.

  6. Idk if your going to come back to this post but ill comment anyway.
    I’ve done an “invisibility” glamour for almost every day. Its not actually going invisible, but more so creating an illusion that basically makes those around you not notice you. I’ve also placed the glamour on objects; jackets, books, etc.
    An example: I have a school policy in where we (the students) cant wear jackets that are not navy blue, gray, or black. The jacket I ware has a big freakin tiger on it, but its comfortable and I like it. I use a glamour to make it appear completely navy blue and it works, as long as I’m focusing just a bit.

      • Please get ahold of me on my email (youngbloodzoey@yahoo.com) I need help with casting spells and someone to teach me more.

    • haha, that’s awesome!! I do that one allot. I usually do it while I am driving. I regularly break speed limit laws, and cops will fly on by me. However, I have almost been hit a few times. My initial thought was.. HOW DO YOU MISS THE GIANT TRUCK NEXT TO YOU?? Then it dawns on me… I need to be specific when casting invisibility spells.

  7. Hi merry meet,i don’t know if you will still view this but i hope you can read this. Do not be discourage on some weak and allegedly “magick practitioners” that will say it is not possible and they would start suggesting you to use some cosmetics or undergo some scientific treatment. If magick cannot do what science can do then it should not be considered as magick anymore. Coz since time immemorial,some of the stuff that magic can do can NEVER do by science,just like healing someone who was attacked by an evil entity/magic. So anyway,what i could say to you is that glamour spells are effective but you have to be focused and your full intent should be there. When you cast a glamour spell,you should mean what you say,and after casting the spell,be aware that the Universe starts to begin working on your request the moment you finished casting the spell. Hope you get what im trying to say and may the spirits guide you. Blessed be.

  8. I’m not trying to make anyone defensive, I was looking for information on casting an energy spell… I’ve done it unintentionally in tight moments and been on the receiving end a couple times (befuddling spell, and one with unknown intentions of a vengeful kind, both backfired nicely). I have benevolent intentions. I wanted to see how to build and direct the energy (want to see if I can effect local inconsiderate characters and increase work). Should say, I’m not specifically Wiccan, just an energy learner. I’m finding the same kind of comment on all sites….
    I think a “glamour” has nothing to do with current use “glamour”, glamour evolved from “grammer”, a magic spell, that is the use of magic (energy) to effect something or some one…. in the 30’s the word began to be used for “enchanting” beauty, as if someone’s beauty cast a spell. I’m sure some used energy to attract and befuddle, but, that is not what the word means in magic work.

    • Energy and Intention are powerful. You can channel negative and direct it away from you… always be mindful as to where you send it. The universe does not discriminate, so what you send out usually tends to come back, bad or good. Your glamor spell analysis seems to be right on target with the original spells of the old ones.

  9. Hi I’m kind of on what I would call a spiritual/mystical journey, so I’m still learning,I don’t know if there’s anything you would call this, but has anyone ever been with someone and kind of radiated thoughts or desires through eye contact? I know it may be an odd question lol but I just found this website and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Any info is much appreciated (:

    • I have done it many times, started this as a child. As I grew older my faith was shattered by people telling me I was evil and going to hell.. and Magic in any form wasn’t real and the work of the devil. It was a wise witch who told me to follow my heart and be who I was meant to be. In my discovery of me I realized that i have the power to do anything. But it takes patience, effort, will, love, trust, respect and intention…I have failed many spells and have mastered many. always growing always learning always discovering. Study and practice and learn to see, hear and feel beyond the physical. Blessed Be..

  10. Hey. So im just a beginner in witch craft and from my undrstanding it’s starting out really well. I really want to try the glamour spell so badly because I’ve been dreaming about having minight black hair with red streaks through it. And my eyes would basically be ruby red.

  11. Hey. So im just a beginner in witch craft and from my undrstanding it’s starting out really well. I really want to try the glamour spell so badly because I’ve been dreaming about having minight black hair with red streaks through it. And my eyes would basically be ruby red. So im starting off with vampire rituals. But glamour sounds so much fun!

  12. its funny how it has taken scientist thousands of years to come to the conclusion or finally admit that the ancient art of channeling energy towards a specific object (spells) can be a game changer. They dont understand the power of prayer (spells) but there is now scientific research that documents the positive effects. dont be a hater !

    • Hey I am having no luck what in the world is going on. Ever since a few years. I am able to focus and put thoughts in elses head. Like if I want something badly. It’s gotten to a point they are overly creepy and obsessive… I had to move recently because of it…… I can predict events, awake and in my dreams…It’s hard to really explain to anyone… I embraced it a few nights ago when I was feeling helpless and all. Then I had a detailed dream…… The more I lose my mind and worry the less it works and the doubts I have come true…… I dont do witch craft or anything… Has this happened to anyone else?

      • Hi honey,
        You are awakening to your powers. Try to surrender the fear and embrace with gratitude you are a powerful woman. It may behoove you to read about witches and witchcraft, just remember there is such a thing as white magic for the highest good of yourself and the All. I don’t know how people live in dark magic, but if you are Gifted there is no getting away from this kind of growth. You will learn. Keep studying. Make allies with your guides, spirit animals, angels, etc. Start learning shaman work. Intention is everything and to do this for the highest good of the All, healing and service is a good place to start. You will succeed and learn to have fun with it. <3 Blessings

  13. I successfully throw glamours all the time.
    They are quite easy once you’ve had a thorough understanding of metaphysical principals and develop strength of your intention through meditation. This plus a strong visualization ability, you are golden.
    I wouldn’t do them for big things; but in a bind, it’s good to have some backup invisibility , or if you want to attract a mate or job, make yourself look more attractive or powerful.
    My disclaimer again is to work for the highest and best good, especially with summoning energy and casting, but with small magic like glamours, if you do it for selfish reasons I personally don’t think it’s that big of a deal. You’ll learn if it is 😉
    Remember what we put out comes back to us threefold; some people of power say they get it back tenfold
    Blessings beloveds!
    Email me with questions <3

    • Hi! I want to become as powerful as someone like yourself but i dont know where to start. So i wondering if you have any tips for beginners who haven’t done any of this in the past?


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