Home Discussion Forum Who has successfully practiced Buddhism and is there anything beyond it ?

Who has successfully practiced Buddhism and is there anything beyond it ?

by derik w:

Answer by sharky
Once someone is enlightened, they no longer need to come to an Answers forum.


  1. I successfully practice Buddhism, though I have not yet attained enlightenment.
    Once one does attain enlightenment, then the cycle of death and rebirth is broken. You can come back if you choose to do so to help others to attain enlightenment.

  2. There are many paths that lead to any given mountain but the height that the climber will reach will depend on his determination and climbing ability and other such factors.
    The path to enlightenment lies with in you. your tools and means for achieving this quest are meditation, a calm mind , a calm spirit and much patience. Enlightenment may take many years or many lives depending on your devotion to achieving it.
    There are many levels of enlightenment and some must be achieved on spirit worlds ; when your spirit evolves enough not to need to reincarnate any more.
    When you reach the highest level of enlightenment you will be a pure spirit and part of the the godly energy life force that directs and controls our world….
    Remember this Buddhism is only one path or means ; meditate to find yours or to understand this process correctly. A journey begins with the first step that you take but the arrival to your destination will depend on your completion of the journey.

  3. You ask a huge question
    I can only answer you as a Pure lander A Practitioner who Practises the Pure Land Teachings revealed by Lord Buddha Shakyamuni based on the 48 vows of Lord Buddha Amitabha and the goal for me is to be reborn in Lord Buddha’s Pure Land called Sukavati
    This is to enable a Practitioner to learn and to make progress in far better conditions and being taught by Enlightened Beings directly Eventually reaching the Buddhist goal of Nirvana
    Within my Sect when a Practitioner has made reasonable progress we are encouraged to seek a response There are physical signs which do manifest and a Practitioner is able to judge for themselves the progress they are making I have had some of these experiences
    When a Practitioner is close to death and has cultivated their practise successfully Lord Buddha Himself appears to welcome and escort the Practitioner to His Pure Land This phenomena is not only apparent to the Practitioner but is also apparent to anyone who happens to be around at the time These can be the Practitioner’s Family Friends Anyone I have had this experience
    Fellow Buddhists from different Sects may offer You very different answers from what I have offered and it may at first seem confusing If You have little knowledge of Buddhism Please keep in mind There are many different methods but the ultimate goal is Supreme Enlightenment
    Sometimes for the Benefit for all Sentient Beings and sometimes for the benefit for theI Individual becoming a Pratyeka Buddha

  4. Buddha said if you can experience the joy of meditation for only a second then you’ve practiced well. I’ve experienced that.


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