Who has read the book of Law?





within the book of law it says
‘ beware the backward beast ‘
God backwards is a Dog,
Heaven backwards is pronounced nevaeh, or never.
the devil is lived,
evil is live.
heaven in latin is cealum pronounced salem, the capital for evil, hence the salem witch trials.
Christ in latin is succubus, which in myth, is an evil being that entices men into temptations, rapes them and sucks thier souls from thier bodies.
the succubus also sucks the beauty from young women and girls in order to remain young themselves and immortal.
also in the bible, it states that god said:
” do not worship any other god before me, for I am a jealous god. ”
Contridiction 1.
if god claims to be the one and only lord, what other god could mankind possibly worship before him?
Contridiction 2.
Jealousy is a sin, and one can only overcome sin if they repent to a higher status, eg. a father, or god. there is no higher status for god to repent to, therefore god has sinned and goes to hell


  1. Well, your little game only works for the mediaeval pronunciation of Latin. It wouldn’t wash with a Roman. But then, who would wash with a Roman?
    For some fine examples of how Latin should be pronounced, visit the Latinum podcast http://latinum.mypodcast.com

  2. As you try to take the character of God and twist His meaning to life…so it would be easy to take your name and do the same…however ‘twister’ would seem an adequate name for someone of your verbalisation and intelligence so we will leave it as it is…as you should Gods character.
    Best wishes, Mike.

  3. listen carefully boy….a good skeptic is the one who tries toinvestigate on the truth and find out the answer for himself. now, if thats one of the ten commandments you are talking about in ex 34:14, well that jealousy is not the jealousy same as in human, that is a divine one. how do i know, i studied it, why dont you. and…if thats your reasoning wouldnt be God has all the rights in this universe to be jealous on having a rival, isnt He our Creator. next, that god that you are talking about are the idols, just statue and nonliving. now, dont you have your own gods with you that you spend most of your times than spending it to the Rightful One? what’d ya think?

  4. I like this
    Contradiction 1.
    if god claims to be the one and only lord, what other god could mankind possibly worship before him?
    Truth could not be hide under blanket forever. Then why did He worry ?

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