Who has had their aura read? What color were you, what did it entail?

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I’ve been wanting to get my aura read for quite some time, list your experiences here… be detailed, what color is your aura? What did they say about the color? etc

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purple.. and he didnt tell me what the hell that means.


At University, my psychology class underwent ‘auric readings’ as part of the parapsychology module. Six readers, under closed conditions, were unable to agree on color, size or shape of our auras. Such disparity led to the conclusion that they couldn’t see anything unusual. Be careful about paying someone to offer information about you based on something that isn’t proven to exist.

Da coolest person eva!

i cant see auras but i can feel them so can you tell us something about you and i might be able to pick it up

John Dee

I have actually had a picture of my Aura taken last year, it was a mixture of Red and Yellow.


Your aura will be a mass of colours which are forever changing, so what colour is seen will be a temporary display of where you are emotionally, physically & mentally.
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Just LiL'O Me

Pink, Blue, Green
Many will tell you different things as to what the colors mean.
I was told at the time mine was read was Pink is love, Blue is openness, Green spiritual. It can tell you how your body is doing too. So its kind of ambiguous.

i don't know anymore...

I can see (but not very clearly) but sense them… Auras are our energy. Mine is yellow. Sunshine yellow. Sometimes, deep blue. Represnting deep mystery and unknown (!)


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