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who has ever had a psychic reading? and everything about it made sense?

i had a reading from a psychic medium who is also a clairvoyant, a psychic healer and a reiki master, i have never met this person before and didnt tel her anything about my life, but as she was doing the reading, she told me alot about my past lifes, includeing what had happened to me in the past while im liveing now and why things had happend, everything she told me was a 100% true and i was so amazed. She told me she had sent me some absent healing to me while she was doing the reading, before she did the reading to me i had to hold her hand for 5 minutes so that she could tune into me and she had her eyes shut all the time for an hour, at one stage i could feel her hands going very cold and at the end of the reading she told me that it was someone who was very close to me and wasnt living anymore had come through to her. She told me she had been given this gift as a psychic medium since she was a child. I know some people who say they are psychic mediums can be fakes and tel alot lies to get money out of you, but this woman i saw was a 100% honest and i really enjoyed eveything about it as myself i am a spiritualist and i do go to spiritualist churches when i get the time,


  1. hehehe never really been to a psychic since i do my own Tarot readings and a few other divination methods but scary enough yes it really can explain things 100%. But yeah thats true alot of so calld ‘psychics’ do do readings for just for money. Alot of actual psychics do believe they would lose their gift if they but hey Im not sure, but she sounds great glad everything workd out for ya.

  2. Do not consult with those who will do ‘psychic readings.’
    #1 it is most likely it is non-sense.. It’s a method that has been done for thousands of years which is referred to as ‘cold reading.’
    #2 if It was serious, the only way that can be done, is by going through evil spirits, who will give help to those who are foolish enough to call on them.. They will pay for it later.
    Please stay away from soothe sayers as they are not going to help you.. Ask God if what you are doing is right… You will get an answer. I promise.
    God bless.. Please stay away from those who claim to be psychic.

  3. I just don’t believe any of it.
    I got one with my ex once at a renaissance festival in 1999. She announced in vague terms that I was to be having children with the ex and a long relationship with her.
    Obviously, I knew by late 2000 that did not occur. . .


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