Home Discussion Forum who else knew that occult actually means secret intead of satanic?

who else knew that occult actually means secret intead of satanic?

ya, its wierd but i am so relieved that occult means like, secret, or tradition, and that it is usually interpreted wrong, by some ppl, saying that it means satanic or evil. lol, well, for the paranormals and the skeptics, thats what it really means!


  1. Yeah, that’s what it means. I don’t necessarily think most of the people who practice it are directly trying to involve Satan anyway, so I think it’s unfair to call it Satanic.

  2. yea its weird because i found out occult is something hidden and something people can get hidden knowledge from. which is the new age stuff people finding out about, stuff i been doing but wasn’t aware of it being against God in a way. the unknown, then word cult means like false worship, but i think both words are different in a way and the same.
    you just have to know what your getting involve in and do your research. if your gonna do the stuff make sure its Gods way. if its not of God then dont mess with it.

  3. Yap, but it also a term bookstores use for categorizing everything from Angels, Astral projection to tarot cards and metaphysical.

  4. Try consulting any dictionary. Secret is one meaning, but it is not even the primary meaning. The main meanings involve things that are paranormal.


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