who else enjoys doing meditation in a forest?






i love doing meditation in the forest closing my eyes listening to the birds and the wind moving the trees hearing a waterfall and i love that when i open my eyes i see the beauty of nature not my wall in my house anyone else like that?


  1. i do meditation and prey every day i don’t miss a day .that is the way i star my new day of .I live on the river bank and it is just so peaceful , i get in tune with my inner self and it is also very healthy,it brings Harmony into my day .If i am having a hard stressful day that how i get my peace and serenity back threw prey and meditation but sitting down on the water back is so peaceful watching the ducks and there new chicks what more can u ask for

  2. Yes, I loved that and did it each day for five years. I also would take off my shoes and walk barefoot as this increased the sensations of feeling. I also did my sitting meditation under a big tree and later found out why this works so well, it’s because there is a lot of energy in the roots in the ground and from the tree and this strong clear energy will resonate with your own and through the phenomena of entrainment this will have the effect to rise your own energy, making the meditation more effective. When two energies meet then they work to vibrate at the same rate, so anytime you encounter an energy greater than your own, your own energy rises. Big mountains and large stones can do the same thing.
    I share a poem I wrote during these times:
    Darting, buzzing, flies
    Spiders waiting for breakfast
    Fragrance of carob.
    Entering forest of pines
    I’m overcome with silence.

  3. I also enjoys meditation and i do it every week. it is very good and makes me relax. I think every one should do it experimentally and enjoy it.

  4. Yes indeed. I miss being in the mountains and desert areas of Arizona. Walking into Yosemite Valley feels like entering a church – very powerful. Meditation on the shore of the Pacific Ocean is pretty nice too. I think most of us need the beauty and energy of nature to keep us humble and in balance.

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