Home Discussion Forum Who else believes in psychic powers and other phenonemon?

Who else believes in psychic powers and other phenonemon?

I am a strong believer in spiritual stuff. Who else is? Also, how can i find out what gifts i have because i seem to have a mixture of everything. Thanks
I have seen a ghost. I often know why people say certain things and know when people are pissed off before i even talk to them. I feel different as the moon changes and have always been interested in the occult.
And that person who asked me to call him. No thanks, don’t go for desperados!


  1. I don’t know about psychic, but I do have the uncanny ability to bring home the right thing for my girl at the right time. Sometimes it’s really weird

  2. COOL, I went to a palmist who read and told me about My gift of COUNSELING.
    You can do online tests but I don’t rate them.
    You can test yourself with witnesses eg I found out I could dissipate clouds by zapping them with mental energy and I have proved this over and over with witnesses. 🙂

  3. I’m a 100% believer and i don’t like skeptics. I sorta have a gift, im not sure if what i experience is real though, I can talk to spirits and demons. (i think so atleast….) I was attacked by a demon once: we were just moving out of this creepy old house when i relized i had forgotten something in the house. As i was heading upstairs something grabbed me by the neck and threw me up against the wall. I tried to scream, thank god my friend came inside to check on me (she thought she heard a crash) as soon as she saw me pinned up against the wall she grabbed my arm, yanking me down the stairs. As we ran outta the hellhouse something latched onto my arm, cutting deep into my skin, if my friend wasn’t there i probably wouldn’t have got out of that house. Well anyway we rushed me to the hospital, my arm was bleeding like crazy, I had to get 5 stitches on my left arm (and i got the scars to prove it!)
    It turns out the previous tenants of that house were satanists and they opened a “portal” that let demons come into the house. We put the house up for sale and it actually sold. We didn’t tell them about the house’s past owners, last i heard they burnt the house down, hopefully the portal went with it…
    lol i’ll find out soon enough. I am now a paranormal investigator, that old plot is on my “to-be-visited” list 😉


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