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Who do you think will win out of naruto with the nine tailed fox chakra or sasuke?


  1. Naruto but with Sasuke’s sharringgan well their like equal. And there are 2 times that they fight 1st Kakashi broke that one and the 2nd Naruto I think had 3 tails and sasuke with his sharringgan Sasuke won that one.

  2. neither because Sasuke wants to kill Naruto, but he cant, and Naruto wants to take Sasuke back and HE cant.

  3. in a serious fight, where naruto isn’t pulling any punches, i say naruto. i mean, come on, Emo boy had to sucker punch Sakura to knock her out. nothing screams wimp louder than having to bushwhack a girl like Sakura to beat her.

  4. Naruto
    1. very powerful nail-tails fox
    2. main character
    3. since Naruto is Wind type and Sasuke is Fire type it will make an even match. (fire better than wind techq.)
    4. Naruto gets stronger even without the nail-tails.
    5. he’s the good guy~they always win at the end.

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