Who do you think should play Albert Einstein in the film which is already scheduled?





The guy who wrote the script for the Mozart film Ron Brass will write it for this film.


  1. …a name jumped right out of my head, and I said out loud, with no one here but me: BILLY CRYSTAL!
    So, I decided right then and there that I had to answer your question.
    If that’s not a perfect casting for you then I don’t know what is. Or who.
    Here’s hoping it sounds good to you too!

  2. focus on. Nothing much about it on imdb except a loose plot outline and names of producers Alan and Gabe Polsky.
    “The True story of Albert Einstein, a genius whose inherent rebelliousness brought him a life of hardships, yet shaped an icon that redefined the limits of imagination and forever changed the world.”
    And it’s being made by Lionsgate.
    Without knowing more about the script, I’d vote for Gary Oldman. He’s a fantastic character actor and I would really like to see him tackle a role with this kind of potential again. His screen presence and adaptability is profound.
    I hear he’s going to be featured along with Jim Carrey in Robert Zemecki’s next 100% cgi adult feature film (see Beowulf)

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