Home Discussion Forum Who do you think is more intelligent; Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare?

Who do you think is more intelligent; Albert Einstein or William Shakespeare?

Albert Einstein is probably the most intelligent man in the history of science ever!
But William Shakespeare is considered the greatest writer who ever lived since his books have stayed in fashion for the longest.
A higher IQ then?


  1. Shakespeare couldn’t spell his name the same way twice so I’m going with Einstein. Nothing against Shakespeare though

  2. Both equally intelligent in their own subject area…..shakespeare is the genius of amazing plays and Albert Einstein in science…neither one can do what the other does…

  3. completely different forms of intelligence.
    There is no possible way I can choose.
    My heart leans towards Mr Shakespeare being a theatre student (well naturally!)
    yet my head I suppose leans towards Mr Einstein.

  4. I think they both are VERY intelligent in different ways. But if your asking bout smarts than I’ll say Albert Einstein.

  5. einstein understood the universe or tried to
    shakespeare understood the human heart or tried to
    both came close but both the universe and the human heart are mysterious

  6. To be honest, I don’t think people like us (i.e. people who spend time on Yahoo! Answers) are in a position to answer this question. It would be like asking a Chinese person (who doesn’t know a word of English), “Who speaks more fluently, George Bush or the average high school student?”

  7. i think intelligence is not a mark of smartness like if u look at it
    einstein came to maths or physics then he was the smartest of all time
    shakespeare came to peotry he would argueably b the smartest of all time
    guitar jimmi hendrix smart
    painting van gogh there is different type of intelligence and ya cant see how intelligent some1 is overall with one test so einstein was good at physics are maths dont mean he is smarter than any1 else who is good at some1 else

  8. i think both have equal merit in their own field of endeavour.
    einstein himself said he wished he had become a watch maker i believe, since his discoveries helped create nuclear weapons. in this respect, it could be said shakespeare did more for the human condition with his eternally relevant literary wisdom than einstien did with his theories.
    einstein did seem like a really nice bloke like, and i daresay shakespeare was aswell, to write as empathically as he did.

  9. Hello,
    (ANS) I would suggest that Dr. Steven Hawking is probably on a par (same level) of intelligence as Albert Einstein. But I don’t think trying to rate or measure intelligence is very useful or helpful.
    **In my opinion its NOT a persons individual intelligence that matters most of all, but its HOW they use that intelligence that really matters.
    **I have a cousin who is a nuclear physicist and works in the same field as Dr.Hawking so its very interesting to meet such people & see what other limitations they have. Many of them are not gifted in the social skills department lets put it that way to be kind.

  10. They are both equally smart in different ways. Maybe Einstein had a higher IQ, but I think IQ is a shitty way to judge whether someone is smart or not. Thats just math.

  11. You can’t measure “intelligence”. Psychologists, educationalists and others cannot even agree upon a working definition. It is not some quantifiable “stuff” that can be measured.
    As for IQ tests: all they test is how good you are at IQ tests. In fact, since different people “perform” differently in different TYPES of IQ tests, all an IQ test – ANY IQ test – actually tests is how well you did at that particular test.
    As for Albert & Will: scientists very often think like artists, in that they see beauty and “patterns” in formulae; and writers can be very mathematical in their structuring of plot, dialogue, characterisation, and so on.

  12. No doubt of it, William Shakespeare was the more intelligent of the two.
    Albert Einstein was a mathematical geneous who had a memory like a seive and kept copious notes on absolutely everything.
    Albert did not start learning to read until he was 9 years old and was thought backward and retarded at school.
    One more point. Every single day 1,000 productions of William Shakespeare’s plays open on stage around the Globe.
    When did we last read anything by Albert?
    Once when asked by a newspaperman what he did for a living, Albert replied, “I am a male model”.

  13. In 1905 Einstein published 5 papers of which 3 according to CP snow “were among the greatest in the history of physics.”
    One examined the photoelectical effect, the second examined the behaviour of small particles in suspension (brownion motion), the third outlining a special theory of relativity.
    The first won him the nobel prize, the second proved that atoms exist. The third merely changed the world.
    It is probable that in time others would have made some of these discoveries themselves. Einstein was merely about 5 years ahead of his contemporaries.
    In 1907 the problem of gravity came to Einsteins attention. In 1917 he published his general theory of relativity. CP Snow has said of this paper “without it, it is likely we should still waiting for it today”
    The theory is so counterintuative that you just couldn’t get there by just crunching the numbers. Relativity says that space and time are not absolute, but relative to both the observer and to the thing being observed. The faster you move the more pronounced the effects become. Space and time are the same and they are not constant.
    So of the two, my vote goes to Einstein
    My favourite Einstein quotes:
    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and Iā€™m not sure about the universe.ā€
    “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”
    “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

  14. both are equally intelligent just in completely different areas
    Einstein may have been a very important scientist but i bet he couldn’t write for peanuts!
    Both of them are intelligent but one was more developed in the factual/academic sense and the other in a more creative way.

  15. Well both are masters of their own field. One is creative and another is logical. Although i will say Einstein is more intelligent of 2.
    Most intelligent person can be said to be newton , einstein or leonardo.
    In my opinion leonardo is best. He was creative. He was artist,writer,philosopher, architect,scientist, nature lover , astronomer. Everything. He was first to give a model for flying,
    Around einstein there are many myths which make you think that he was a genius par excellence with some shortcomings.
    IQ wise , it is said that newton used 16% of his brain. Maximum in history of mankind


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