Who discovered the subconscious mind?

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I’m just reading about the sub-conscious mind and I’m fascinated by it. The subconscious mind is beneath our conscious awareness. It takes in much more information than our conscious mind can, and the subconscious is programmable (which is why there are laws against subliminal advertising – because it actually works).
I’m just wondering, how did anyone ever discover the subconscious mind? I know Sigmund Freud was the father of psychoanalysis. But, I’m just amazed that anyone could figure something like this out.
Also, does anyone know any interesting facts about the subconscious mind? Please share. Thanks!

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Where did I put my mind again?

Indirectly, the first societies that populated the world. The idea has always been around, in primitive and not so primitive forms, but has always been named differently. Directly, Freud “discovered” it and named it. He insisted that psychoses were a result of experiences so traumatic, the mind could not deal with them and so they were banished to an “unused” part of the mind; the unconscious. From there, those experiences still influenced the conscious. Jung elaborated on that theory by adding the collective unconscious, which includes archetypes and mythology. But that’s another story altogether.


Pierre Janet was one of the first people to draw a connection between events in the subject’s past life and his or her present day trauma, and coined the words ‘dissociation’ and ‘subconscious’.
Some people think of him as the actual father of psychology rather than
Mr Freud.
Freud devised a method for systematically studying it.
And Freud was on cocaine, maybe that’s how they work it out …


An interesting this about the subconscious mind is that if you think of someone you really really hate and what you hate about them. It can be a defense mechanism for your ego, that it is infact something you don’t like about yourself.


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