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Who created the earliest form of chinese martial arts? Huang Di or Bodhidharma?

I’ve been hearing a lot of theories of who created Kung Fu or Wushu. Huang Di because with his great knowledge of medicine it has said to be beneficial for the human health ex: Tai Chi. Bodhidharma because he traveled from India to China and distributed the art to the Shaolin monks.


  1. No one knows for sure and there are too many theories, half truths and lies about when martial arts were developed. I like the theory that when Alexander the Great conquered Asia that their combative training methods known as Pankration transfered to the Asians…but like I said there are no definitive proofs in this.

  2. Neither
    It was ug who steped out of the cave and beat oog, oog then went to train up in the mountain with the old wiseman and came back to defeat ug.
    Like nwohioguy said there is no way of telling. There is only theroy.
    And you are not considering all the other influances. Such as the middle east and the rest of the asian countries and the europeions

  3. I like the idea of Bodhidharma simply because it can be traced back to india, then traced to Persia then traced back to Greece then who knows…..plus I believe the story of the shaolin monk cutting his hand off at Bodhidharma’s suggestion as a mark of dedication would have been met by great big belly laughs from (if you’ve seen the picture) what looks like your typical punjabi male 😀

  4. He didn’t have to create “martial arts” Mankinds only natural ability is to create war.
    Why do eastern martial arts have kata’s… way long ago, one guy says, “How is it that you fight so well?” the other guy’s say’s “I don’t really know, just do this, and this, and you could try this.” So he did, he passes it on to the next person… “just do this, this and this”…. and so on till we see it today.
    A version of Martial arts have long been used in training people for war. Even Confucius 200 BC was know to have said, “To send an untrained people to war is to throw them away.” — apparently referring to some type of martial training even at that time. Sun Tzu’s Art of War was also written around this era, signifying the importance to Martial training.

  5. probably some anonymous warlord who wanted to make sure hie heir was as big a bad ass as he was.
    martial arts don’t need to come from somewhere, have violence in an area and people will make them up.

  6. I have always heard it was a martial artist from the year 3045 that went back in time and taught both of them.
    I know, I know,” How could he have taught them both and where did he get the time machine?” Without my own TARDIS, I cannot confirm this. Sorry 🙂
    When it comes to modern history, there are tons of inaccuracies. Ancient history is even harder to get to the bottom of. Too many conflicting reports, etc.
    Most common time-lines give it to one of those two, but like everyone has said no one is 100% positive.

  7. Huang Di never created Tai Chi,
    but he contributed to the knowledge of medicinal practice for longevity.
    Tai Chi was either first created in the Wu Dang Mountains by the legendary Taoist Priest Zheng or it was first taught in the Chen’s Village [today’s famous “Chen style Tai Chi village”] in Henan Province to local villagers to fight off horse gang bandits.
    Bodhidharma is supposedly to be the source of CMA because he taught “physical meditation” techniques to the Shaolin monks. Later Shaolin generations built upon his knowledge.
    Historical records suggest that there are even earlier records of Chinese martial arts developed outside of the Shaolin tradition and the “central mainland” regions of China like in Mongolia [Mongolian wrestling] and Tibet [Tibetan white crane].

  8. Historians generally accept that martial arts were being practiced prior to the arrival of Bodhidharma to Shaolin Temple.
    There is evidence that the Emporer’s army was practicing Kung Fu before the existence of either Shaolin Temple or Wudang Temple.

  9. China had some form of shui chiao 1000 years b4 Christ. DaMo may have started Shaolin, but China had martial arts way before then!


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