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Who can tell the meaning of different hand gestures?

I want to read a person’s inner thought (or what is in his subconscious mind) when using his hands…what could be the meaning if…
1.) he keeps putting his hands inside his pockets??
2.) closed arms.
3.) putting both hands at the back of the head while leaning.
or any hand gestures that may tell something…thank you!


  1. 1. He’s looking for something that isn’t there but he feels there ought to be
    2. Classic pose of someone protecting themselves and opting to stay reserved
    3. As open as it gets, bordering on arrogance in fact

  2. 1.) he might just be looking for something or double-checking that it’s there, I know I do that. Or he just needs something to do with his hands and is socially awkward.
    2.) if you mean arms crossed, then that’s a defensive maneuver. he’s getting defensive about something.
    3.) he’s getting a little fed up or bored

  3. 1.) Not really concentrating on what you are saying. His next actions are on his mind. (or his car is parked overtime)
    2.) He is in opposition to what you are saying. (Don’t expect a raise)
    3.) Relaxed and open to what you are saying. A confident person.

  4. Hand gestures are very hard to discriminate.
    Many people use hand gestures as a way to elaborate a story, significant event, or details in a sequence.
    Others use hand signals to relay emotions.
    For example, I’m sure you know that girl who are constantly flapping their hands, gestures. In this instance, hand gestures result from a nervous tendency.. maybe public speaking.
    Here are some observations/suggestions that can help you.
    I am assuming this “person” is a significant other in your life, maybe a boyfriend.
    Hands in the Pockets
    Often times, when males attempt to be more relaxed and carefree they keep their hands in their pockets. This also precedes with shrugs. For many females, crossing your legs and arms is an attempt to show relaxation and lack of interest.
    Do not let hands in his pockets bother you. The next time you are at a public place, notice all the males with their hands in their pockets.
    When I read over the different gestures you are describing, it is not alarming. Unlike females who tend to be more open in relationships and giving, males are more reserved and self-aware. They keep emotions to themselves and never cross the “personal space bubble.”
    I would consider talking to him and approaching this issue in a very subtle manner. Why not try “Hey is everything okay? Are you not feeling up for hanging out/movie/eating with me tonight? You look a bit exhausted.”
    This will give him enough questions where he has to open up and talk to you.
    Best of luck and let me know how it goes.

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