Home Discussion Forum who can tell me the truth about the salem witch trial?

who can tell me the truth about the salem witch trial?

I dont know a whole lot of details but i know it was really bad. Can anyone give me details and fill me in.


  1. If you wanted the 100% truth you would of had to of been there yourself. But as far as I know it was a mass murder of the towns claimed to be witches.

  2. Why are so many people incapable of looking up this stuff for themselves. Don’t the atheist public schools even teach people how to use encyclopedias? Use Wikipedia, please!

  3. a few women accused of witchcraft were rounded up and “tortured” by the puritans living in America—-while they were fabrications—-the happenings are greatly over exaggerated by unbelievers to make Christians look bad—what a pity-

  4. A bunch of innocents were hanged.
    As horrible as it was, it pales in comparison to the European witch hunts where tens of thousands were killed.

  5. You could watch the movie The Scarlet Letter. They didn’t take any huge liberties with the facts. Basically the salem witch trials came about as the result of mass hysteria.

  6. If you’re interested about the Salem witch trials you should read the play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller. It’s pretty historically accurate.

  7. Basically, some girls went nuts and started accusing people of witchcraft, and they would writhe on the floor and faint and have “hallucinations” to prove their point. When one of the accusers stood up and said it was a lie, she was accused herself and reverted back to accusing. 17 people in all were hanged, 3 more died in prison. The chief accuser, Abigail Williams, ran away and either became a prostitute in Boston or died at 17. The town’s minister was fired and his slave sold to someone else.
    The end.
    Some theories as to why it happened were that the girls were infected with Ergotism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ergotism that they were reacting out of sexual and social repression and were rebelling against authority, or that it was caused by greedy people who wanted their neighbors’ land.

  8. basically people who were mentally ill or prescribed natural herbal healing for sickness were accused of witchery. They were tortured and threatened into confessing to witch craft and devil worship. Like today, things that were different or unusual were deemed EVIL.

  9. Even experts are unsure of exactly what happened.
    EDIT: Cigol knows nothing about history. No one was burned alive in the Salem Witch Trials, and Galileo and Newton died natural deaths.

  10. men , woman and children savagly burned alive in the town square in a public forum where thier christian accusers could get a good show. they where accused of being witches and warlocks…..so of course they thrust faith based healing upon them.
    try searching out the DARK AGES..loads of xtian fun and burning..look up galileo or newton or any number of scientists who also paid the ultimate price


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