Sunday, September 26, 2021

who can teach me how to communicate through telepathy?


  1. I don’t think you can learn it.
    It may happen to you.
    Have any of your parents experienced it?
    I have reasons be believe in it.
    It’s probably genetic.

  2. If your dreams act like a warning to you… then you are already communicating through telepathy. But teach you? i’m not sure you can learn it…and those who say they can teach it are only talking about psychic powers that they claim they have… why don’t you check telepathy out in a seachengine, and see what you’ll find.
    Good luck

  3. try just focusing on something happening like them knowing something that might work for you it works for me thats how i rob banks he he he hahaha

  4. .
    I took a course in ESP or Telepathy from the following institute
    How can a person receive instant telepathic messages from somebody half a world away? Or will something to happen across thousands of miles?
    Theories of electromagnetic fields and brain currents remain mere speculations in the absence of proof. And their unscientific nature or apparently paranormal characteristics make them unacceptable to conventional scientists.
    ESP, which largely depends on the states of mind and level of concentration, would need identical brain patterns each time the experiment is repeated, including emotions, moods, sense perceptions, for the study of its repeatability under identical conditions––an impossible demand.
    Most scientific theories about the paranormal either discard it as illusion or fail to take into account many unanswerable questions. One cogent explanation seems to lie in the English Physicist David Bohm’s theory of a holographic universe.
    A hologram is a kind of optical storage system where each part contains in it the image of the whole. Thus, in a holographic universe, the parts that seem to be separated by time and space are in reality one, and any part at any given time has access to everything that is part of the universe.
    You will find the following useful too

  5. Human DNA is not activated in a way that makes us natural telepaths – in most cases. We are in the third dimension – the physicalrealms -to experience emotions. So it is a pipe-dream (perhaps) that we would be able to communicate through telepathy.


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