Home Discussion Forum who can see auras?help!?

who can see auras?help!?

okay i wanted to say that i tried yesterday and i have done pratices and sucesfully saw my aura it was a pale blue what does it mean? and more help with developing
okay i tried praticing again to see my aura i believe i saw greenish blue …and when i touched the wall it seems like someone was touching my palm…..like it really felt weird


  1. All people plants and animals have auras, if you can see and aura around yourself and others, great our aura changes with our moods anger and pain, are the two that effect it most. you can take pictures of auras, but is rare for someone to see auras, when a person is terminally ill their aura can be bright white within a few days of their death. Blue usually is a color of a healthy person. Red is anger or pain or a strong emotion. Keep practicing and it will get easier to see auras the more your practice.

  2. Ah Star, I see you are progressing. Great for you.
    Every living creature has an aura and most are like rainbows in that they tend to change in color depending on the mood. Blue is more of a placid color but the green being added indicates growth.
    Keep up the great work.


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