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who can read people's auras?

what are your auras colorsand who can read people’s auras


  1. I do see auras mine is blue, husband is pink. I think people who see auras have an altered perception not so much extra perception. I am sensory integration, and dyslexic. My ability with the auras comes and goes just like the sensory issues are worse some days than others. Same with the reading it is inconsistent and varies by several grade levels. I have seen auras for as long as I can remember but I do believe that you can learn it and also sharpen the skill. I remember being a preschooler and asking my parents at a birthday party where a lot of people were why the cat has a blue cloud around it. My question was met with a deafening silence. Generally the colors of auras don’t change you have a primary color. What does change is how big it is. Sometimes it looks like a thin line about the body other times it can be several feet. I always know when my husband is getting sick because his aura which is usually several inches will be just a thin line. It is helpful in my field of work because the aura of the mentally ill looks different, they have a lot of gray around the head and the primary color is something different. My husband sees auras and we have each looked at people and wrote down the aura color and compared. They are always the same. I guess if I have never seen auras I might be a naysayer too. Bring on the judgement, I am prepared for the thumbs down! Doesn’t matter I know I see auras and I know I am not mentally ill, i wasn’t so sure till I passed the MMPI by a psychiatrist, anyway I know I am quirky, maybe more than most idk.

  2. firstly, auric emissions have been scientifically prove over 80 yrs ago, any arguments have no scientific basis, quote facts not fiction.
    there are many scientists who since the invention of biofeedback devices have spent a lot of time investigating the phenomenon. they know for example that human light emissions travel at the speed of 186,000 miles per second. and of course they know a lot more. Kirlian photography can be seen just about anywhere now and is not a new science either.
    all light carries information, another fact, and the information is what an aura reader will gather and interpret.
    the same page above gives some simple colour meanings and a general idea of the auras look. i have long been looking for a program that will help me represent these better and would love to be able to show it in motion. the coggins camera can do this but is limited by the need to reproduce the colour within a photographic range and cannot depict different layers. apart from that it is valid.


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