Who can I talk to via internet about my Spirit Animal/Totemism/Shamanism?

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I do have a Spirit Animal and believe very strongly that everything has a soul. I only recently discovered my Spirit Animal to be a wolf named Ah’Ara. I have been looking for a long while for someone I can talk to via phone or internet about Her “Ah’Ara” and my Spiritual journey.
I wish to know more about what I can do with her. How to contact her more often/easily.
What other things are available to me now that I am a believer.
And I want to speak with fellow Shamans/Totemists.
No, I am not a Shaman but I believe very much that I could become one.
Please help me out. I feel very alone in this climactic point of my life.


  1. The only thing you need in order to become a shamanist is belief.
    In some ways because of your belief you already are a shaman.

  2. Check out this website,you may find interesting articles there and it also might point you in the right direction.


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