Home Discussion Forum who believes or knows if telepathy is real or not?

who believes or knows if telepathy is real or not?

I find it an interesting subject even though it does seem like it belongs in x-men movies
ive heard voices in my mind before and am now taking medication to cease the voices


  1. I believe that telepathy exists, but that doesn’t mean that the voices you hear originate from somewhere other than your mind.
    The brain is very powerful and there are a lot of things about the brain and the mind that science doesn’t understand.
    Legitimate scientists have not been able to prove that telepathy exists, but many people believe that it does, but it is difficult to get empirical proof.

  2. completly not true, though I do think that if you think hard enough you can almost smell the soft breeze of the ocean, but no, telepathy isn’t real.

  3. well i dont hear voices but i think telepathy is real. if u have a very strong connection with someone i think u can communicate telepathically.

  4. the evidence says ‘not likely’.
    scientific skeptic james randi has offered $1,000,000 to anyone who can demonstrate a supernatural ability under agreed-upon scientific testing criteria. no one has claimed the prize.
    telepathy is probably one of the easiest supernatural abilities to prove. all one would have to do is talk to the scientists using only their brain.


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