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Who believes in reincarnation?

Just wondering who all believes that we come back as someone else, and do you think if we’re a person that we will come back as a person, or could we come back as maybe a cat or a dog…If you do believe in reincarnation, why do you believe?


  1. Reincarnation means that every soul that dies, will relive in another newborn’s body. And whoever achieves a certain state will be able to escape that cycle.
    This means that the population should decrease, or at least stay that same. I don’t believe in reincarnation because it’s logically impossible.

  2. nah….i don’t believe that.
    beside, reincarnation is like…you life again in the world after you dead as a new person. that’s…from Buddha.

  3. As a pagan I believe in a form of reincarnation. As opposed to christian concept of a distinct beginning & a distinct end & going some where for eternity. My concept is more in the spirit of the person returning & not necessarily the form of a human body but as a force of life.

  4. Einstein proved that mater and energy cannot be created nor destroyed. When we die, the energy leave our bodies and become part of the ‘collective’ energy around the planet, the same way our water will eventually return to the ocean. Every animal, vegetable and microbe is born from this energy around the earth. The energy, itself, is alive. It is life. Some call it their creator.
    We do not come back as the same consciousness we were before. Life takes from the energy ‘pool’ to create a being. Life’s responsibility is to maintain that energy, through nutrition and the ‘will to live’.
    We are still in the dark ages on what life is and what the recipe for it is, beyond amino acids. Man-made religions have given us theories of a man in the clouds, on the back of a turtle, in the stamen of a plant or a cola bottle. Just because someone is yelling their religious convictions at you and me, does not make it true. Truth can be found, not by the babbling and aggressive tactics of religious followers but observing all life around us and coming up with an educated belief.
    Regardless of what you, me and the (astute) ‘poo person’ believes, life still ‘is’. Religions will threaten if you do not believe what they believe, you will either die a spiritual death, and in some cases, will not get the forty-eight virgins. This, of course, is hogwash (assuming so, I have never washed a hog).
    We all want to think our life will have meaning after we die. This keeps (most of) us doing good things. Myself, I do good things because it ‘lubricates’ the situations in life and people are happy around me, not because there is a man in the clouds keeping tally.
    There is no gate keeper. That’s the down-side to this. We all go ‘there’. Relatives, friends, enemies, your pets, the ants and bugs we unknowingly drive over, the trees we fell and the viruses we kill with our body’s antigens and the bacteria we kill when we take a shower. All life goes there.
    An episode of Robot Chicken has a man that is walking in heaven and sees all these people, then comes up to Adolf Hitler. The two stare at each other for a second. Adolf looks at the new arrival and says “I’m just as surprised as you are!”

  5. Too much ancient Eastern superstition has been carried over into the rational idea of reincarnation, such as doing a bad thing and coming back as a bug. That’s nonsense. The dynamic of reincarnation is free will (yours and everyone’s who comes in contact with you). You become enlightened and evolve spiritually through the choices you make and experiencing the consequences of those choices. If you want to return as a cat or dog, you could; but chances are you will want to continue your exploration of the human experience.
    Reincarnation can be examined in a more rational and scientific way, and in fact is being studied right now.
    I’m a Reincarnationist who came into the world this time around with memories of my past life. There’s no doubt in my mind I’ve lived before and will live again. I’m also very much into science. There are so many fascinating scientific theories to ponder now: the M-theory, alternate dimensions, the genuine likelihood of time travel, the biocentric universe (a universe meant to be observed by intelligent life). Reincarnation is just another part of this wonderfully surprising and beautiful Cosmos that we’re just beginning to recognize as yet another reality too long ignored or dismissed as superstition.


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