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Who believes in mental telepathy? Do you hear anything?

Yes! Got a lot of answer!
I believe it. Coz the guy can send me messages though he’s not with me…


  1. I believe and I get it sometimes. But for me it’s not words I hear in my head, but vibes and emotions coming from across a large distance.

  2. I totally believe in it. I actually dont need to talk to my twin brother. We dont open our mouth and still able to communicate. I’m for real.

  3. i do…but i dont really hear anything..i feel it…its weird and hard to explain but if i have someone pick a random card from a deck of cards and have them think about it…i can get what it is about 90% of the time…so yes, i do think telepathy is possible and real

  4. I read people’s eyes. You can tell a lot by persons eyes. So honestly I don’t know if this counts as telepathy or I am just good at reading people.

  5. Telepathy is real.
    Everyone has this ability.
    I dont hear anything. I feel it.
    Information comes to me in the form of thoughts, feelings, and impulses

  6. I would call it more sensing than hearing.. though you might call it a voice inside your head..
    Yes, I have been able to do this and yes, I can barely believe myself as I type these words. I can do reiki, and sometimes when I do this, I pick up things – not normal stuff, not easily predictable stuff either – specific.. it has happened to me abt 20 times and each time I feel real strange saying something, but it has always been correct.
    You know, I think we all can do it to an extent – When you are talking to someone, you know if they are bored or enthused etc.. you can see it in their face – – and it is obvious.. I think that this too can be taken to another level if one is perceptive..
    The best explanation I ever had for my reiki experiences is that if when I do it, I blank my mind and my mind is clear, that much in the same way that if you place two guitars opposite each other and pluck an E – then the E string on the other guitar will also vibrate.. Well, apparently if I am on a sympathetic plane, the thoughts of the other person will vibrate inside me too.. But like I said, I do not fully understand it..
    Hope this answers your question..

  7. yes
    is a scientific study
    even US army has used it during World Wars to spy on Russia
    telepathy experts were secretly hired, highly paid and use as a spy.
    a 2 hoour documentory was shown on HISTORY CHANNEL
    keep ur eyes and ears open for re-telecasts
    even discovery shoewed one documentory.
    if u want to give it a try yourself
    contact me.

  8. Yes. Telepathic myself. No BS. ;). More often them hearing me than me hearing them though. Pretty difficult when you’re mind is all fucked up by society lol.


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