Who believes in magick and more?





Who believes in magick, faeries, sprites, pixies and those creatures. I do! I think everyone else should too!


  1. I believe that life would be a pretty dull adventure if nothing surprised us anymore. We should all believe that we can’t possibly know everything. So, to answer your question, yes I believe and I am a Buddhist

  2. As a witch, I believe in all those things. Some people refuse to believe that there are other planes of existence not so far from ours and they include lots of unexplained things.

  3. I believe in all those, but things like media and hollywood are taking all the magic away. If someone says that you can’t see any of those ask them if they’ve seen a million dollars, and if they say they haven’t, then say that seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing!

  4. I do too! I sometimes invite them to my circle to help with various things. It’s cool to be able to commune with nature and her creatures.

  5. Magick is all around us. But you will not get everyone to think or believe that any more than the Christians will get everyone to believe the way they do. Variety occurs naturally, so it occurs in people also. Stick to what you believe and let others believe as they wish.

  6. You can live in your fantasy world and I’ll live in my real material world. The only real power there is, is the power of God. Try it some time you’ll be surprised.

  7. Most people believe in Magick, they just don’t believe it. 🙂
    Magick is the use of language to effect a certain change. God said “Let there be light and there was light.” A Magus might say Lumos. So regardless of spirituality or religion magick exists and how we perceive it varies.
    As for faeries, pixies and the like, they are extensions of our persona and depend on our beliefs and ability to imagine them. In a way, they are our ability to relate to the unseen, by allowing ourselves to see them.
    Feel free to create your own vocabulary and Magickal understanding, don’t let the child inside you die and as a result your belief in Magick.

  8. I believe in the unseen. I remember when I was child they were as real to me as the sky. The older I got the more I was taught not to. I’m 26 now and I have made my way back to believing. It is better to believe in the unknown, because that is how things are discovered. It is hard to find something if you don’t even believe it is there. There are the things we perceive, those we do not, and those things that we chose not to perceive.

  9. I do too! Don’t let other people influence you. Trust me, it can get nasty when someone says that nothing is real and life is as dull as the color gray (or is it grey…?)!

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