Who are you?






Who are you?
Show me your face the one you had before your Mother or Father were born? This is an old Zen Koan, but are you ever you even when alone? or are you always pretending to be someone else? so can you show anyone the fce you had before your Mother and Father were born?
Ok I do know this is not possible before anyone says anything, but it is the middle 2 questions that is the focus here.
As always I ask this with Loving Kindness for all
(((((ALL BEINGS)))))
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  1. My dear old departed Gran always told me to be myself no matter what others think. I try to live up to that and think that people should take me for who I am, I’m not prepared to “change” for anyone!!!

  2. i am endagoscilliaflagelluma
    i am zokonian
    i was sent here to DESTROY and vandilise:P
    i hope this helps you know who i am
    *best wishes*

  3. Ok, ignoring the face question which seems incredulous, people choose who they want to be, when they want, this is called freedom. It is human to be a friend to those who need one, a caring parent to your children, a passionate lover to your wife, and a competitor in sport. We all have many faces because situations in life require it for survival and friendship.

  4. The only way I understand life is two ways. Genetically and therefore physically we are the historical results of many generations that have come before us.
    Psychologically, emotionally, and intellectually we are the result of of what shapes our fundamental belief system that we may adhere to intuitively without knowing or understanding it. Almost like inherited genetics but in a realm that effects these three areas.
    Something can change in our life that can cause us to have our world redefined and even reborn into spirutal enlightenment.
    Where our personal journey in the world we see is not just a physical one but a spiritual as well. And there is an understanding that man is not alone. But there is a greater power that is with us and has birthed us into this journery of wisdom and truth. A spirutal being has this understanding because all truth is parallel not just in both the physical and the spirutal. So just as we had greater wisdom present at our birth and they were part of it. So too we had this great loving being present at our birth.
    From all this the man had the face of innocence, curiostiy, and a positive will to learn at birth. And as life experiences happen around him and cause him to discover his inner self and awareness. He learns about another invisibe face that he needs to view and see and think and react to the world around him.
    This has been my life experience. And I wrote it in a way that your belief system would understand. I hope I have said it adequately. Take care.
    Respectfully Later.

  5. I am everything to everyone who needs me.
    I am the face of love for my children
    I am the face of understanding for my family
    I am the face of advice for my friends
    I am the face of anger for my enemies
    I am the face of loyalty for my job
    I am the face of content for my lover
    I am everything to everyone who needs me
    But, no one knows my true face, not even myself, for one must please others to fulfill destiny, only then can one look into themselves and find their true face hiding behind all of the daily facades.

  6. whenever you are in the company of other people you say things or do things that you would not necesarily do if you were alone. when im in public places im constantly aware of the fact that there are people around me and so i act differently, when im alone i would lounge around, maybe stuff my face at the fridge and act like a complete slob. but..in public i would be the opposite..but then perhaps im just a shy person. Most people would say that your true self is how you behave when you are alone, and in some respects this is true, as when you are alone all the insecurities dissapear. But then that would be saying that the only way you can truly be your self is to live a life of solitude. Somedays i get tired of pretending to be this other person when i am with other people and i think ..yeah maybe it would be better if i was competley alone. but then i think, would i actually be happy..obviously not. So maybe being your ‘true self’ is not always a good thing, although i envy the people who can say whatever they think without being scared, i alsoo think ‘why do people act differently when their alone to when they are in public?’ i know the reason i do, because i dislike the person i am when i am alone, i think she is lazy and ambitionless but shes confident..so ill giver her that one. So when im not alone i am a person who is the opposite of all these things but i get confused my self as to which one i actually am. For now ill say that i am both, i dont have a ‘true self’ as, if i put in the effort i am whatever i want myself to be.

  7. i am me.
    actual name, person, being on this wonderfullly over crowded particle on the grain of sand on this infinite beach.

  8. I am a shadow of what could have been
    with haunting memories of long ago.
    My name is Alise,
    but that is not who I am,
    I am a soul longing for release
    from the haunting memories of sadness and death

  9. i am myself
    we are all the same, you are yourself, i am myself, he is himself, she is herself. the illusions of reality have us all, we are ourselves, and i am you. we are all the same, trapped by fate
    i am myself

  10. If I chop off my arms I am not my arms.
    If I chop off my legs I am not my legs.
    If I chop out my brain I am not my body.
    If I change my mind I am not who I was.
    If I disagree with myself which one is me?
    I do not exist. the universe is. If appears to change form but this form is singular.

  11. this koan is wonderful. do you understand it? it is the face beyond body and mind identification, pointing to nirvana, to the true, eternal self.
    the faceless face, in thoughtlessness it can be seen, or cetter you can only be it, for it is not an object appearing in consciousness, but the subject, the only thing that can not be lost. your body can die, can be lost. but that what you are can never be lost.
    watch this movie: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=UUgQy3bbO9g

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