Home Discussion Forum Who are some famous silver auras? Also famous gold auras?

Who are some famous silver auras? Also famous gold auras?

I’m interested in well-known people with gold auras. Also, with people with silver ones.


  1. like, who cares? What are you going to do? Kidnap them and keep them in your closet?
    (…and no, you can’t have mine!!!)
    *goes to check the closet*

  2. Well dear, I’m not sure anyone has ever thought to do a study on it. I’m not sure many famous people nowadays would have them anyway. Now some of the older ones that are dead and gone probably would’ve. I’m not the best on seeing auras though, a friend of mine is pretty good at it. She’s Christian and I’m shaman but, she has a real interest in other religions. She’s accepts everyone and so do I. I could see if she would know any.

  3. The Lone Ranger has a Hi Ho Silver aura and away. Did anyone know who that masked man was?
    Mister T had a gold aura. And he ain’t no fool, sucka.

  4. Many saints , Jesus and I think Buddha are represented with golden auras. Gold , I think is the same as a golden yellow.
    These are usually present on spiritually advanced people.
    I don’t know about silver, but white auras mean that person is dead. Not a good thing.

  5. yes walshy fredinand is correct the golden aura is of enlightend person..in the recent past it was Osho Rajneesh. currently only two person alive that i know of with golden aura…one is Shivkripanand swami in dandi,gujarat in india. (search for samarpan meditation) his aura is golden yellow and his astral body extends about 3 kilometer, nobody can enter in the radius of three kilometer without his will…reiki masters can feel his vibration in that limit. The experiments to this effect had been carried out. he has meditation centers in 155 countries and more than 10 million followers across india including my mother.
    Second is sri sri Ravishankar, he has art of living moment and has work in 200 countries with millions of followers.


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