Home Discussion Forum Who are more like slaves? Atheist, Religious People, or Spiritual People?

Who are more like slaves? Atheist, Religious People, or Spiritual People?

Whether you are a slave to your past, a doctrine, a thought-form, a fetish, a belief, or a drug, you are still chained to your mind(ego). Some of you might not understand. That’s ok maybe next lifetime you will get it. We all can’t start out butterflies. Some of us need chains to make our soul stronger. But for the ones in chains, you are slaves. Not necessarily the primitive version with physical steel restraints, but of non local entities. Who can really say who is free thinking? atheist are stuck with a non belief in a source thus chained to a limitation in truth. religious people are stuck with the belief in doctrine thus chained to limited knowledge and wisdom, spiritual people are stuck with questions thus chained to a search.


  1. Atheists are in slavery to their sin and don’t realize it.
    I am free in Christ now……I am a slave to no one but the Lord God Almighty.

  2. Obviously the religious, Atheists are completely free to use their own brains, and the “Spiritual” are not locked into a particular belief system.

  3. Many of us in our jobs are ‘slaves’…you can choose to quit but you are ‘bound’ by their references.
    Think about it.
    We do what we are told or you have no job.

  4. Well Atheists are free, Religion is like obedience school, and Spirituality is more or less free-lance. I’d say Atheists and Spiritual people are on par with each other but Religion is slavery.

  5. Killing, blood spilling for faith in your god
    Spreading the message defending his fraud
    Murder unheard of until their belief
    Rape of the willing is blessed by the priest
    Travel to new worlds enslaved under god
    Destroy their cultures then leave them to rot
    Purification, consent to concede
    Killing the ones who will never believe
    Annihilation, convert to the cross
    Civilization all under one god
    Splitting masses indivision
    Genocidal inquisition
    Unified through their religion
    Wreck this world with heaven’s wisdom
    Reign of the cross, the aggressor
    Has killed more people than cancer
    Slave to the cross of deception
    When will we stop his infection

  6. Humm…I like that.
    its all true.
    and i answer your question: All the above.
    Upside down cross person:You point?

  7. With the possible exception of women who are married to Muslims and to fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Jews, I would say none of the above are “slaves.”

  8. Just follow the atheist belief system to its logical conclusion. If atheists followed their own beliefs to their logical conclusion, it would result in the belief in complete determinism; there can be no free will if humans are simply guided by the chemical reactions that take place in their brains. As William Provine pointed out, in the consistent evolutionary view, ‘there is no ultimate foundation for ethics, no ultimate meaning to life, and no free will for humans, either

  9. Religious people, easily. It controls what they can and cannot do. It affects thinking and most of the time it discourages questioning of authority and myth.

  10. I tell you one thing that in the next lifetime I will be a brand new person therefore I will make the same mistakes and learn the same things ,I will not come back with a mind of the past since I will be brand new , humans are created to better the world with their presence ,either we are evel or not , the world needs all kinds to make us know and understand right from wrong. Religion if food to the soul and can be interpreted in different ways by us . We are slaves of our wants and needs .

  11. Great question – the reality is that we are all slaves because we serve something (our selves included). Your comment on Ego was insightful. I would rather be a slave to The Creator who loves me and protects me than a slave to something as capricious and unreliable as my ego.
    But that is just me.

  12. I don’t believe that I am ‘stuck’ with anything. My belief was my personal decision after years of studying (- or rather being forced to, much of the time -) religion.
    Religious people have a misconception of why some athiests are atheists. They seem to think that none of us have studied nor experienced religion and that we are uneducated. We do understand what it is that they believe in, we simply choose not to do so because that is our decision. We’re certainly not all ‘stupid’ ‘unaware’ or ‘blind’ – many of the other atheists I have spoken to are highly intelligent and rational people.
    I feel that religious people do come across as slaves to their beliefs because many feel that they have to quote the bible instead of using their own thoughts and experiences. That, to me, is just a robot and not a person who has experienced the world as it presented to everybody.
    They have a set of do’s and don’ts in life that are, in my mind, impossible to live by. Atheists don’t have those and are free to question the universe without being told they are going to be punished for it by another atheist. Out if the three, athiests are the free people.

  13. Religious people are…because most religious belief systems’ do not allow for modification or adaption of their beliefs. What’s written in the holy book is inerrant, and nothing we discover later will ever modify those writings. That, in my opinion, is being a slave to one’s beliefs.
    Atheists, in general, simply rely on what we know about our world that comes from observation and experimentation. And if we get new information in the future that requires modification of existing knowledge, we do it…we’re free to adapt what we know to the available information. We’re not slaves to what was written down 2,000 years ago.

  14. Only above a servant (slave) is truly free.
    Only know, not believe, makes you free.
    Law = plan B: Bondage
    Grace = plan A: Approved
    No man is justified by the law in God’s sight.
    Study to shew thyself APPROVED unto God.

  15. Hey, i know what you are talking about. Does this refer to Reincarnation?
    if it does, everyone on this planet has been through it at least once or twice, or even more. In people’s past lifes, something in their past could have an affect in there new life. Like an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. or just karma…….
    I believe that what people think and do makes them who they are today.
    We are destined to perfect our souls so that we don’t have to go through the cycle of life and death.

  16. slave (slāv)
    One bound in servitude as the property of a person or household.
    One who is abjectly subservient to a specified person or influence:
    There is not one person on earth that is not a slave of some sort.
    I, of my free will, choose be the slave of One who loves me rather than the idea one whose love I must earn or emptiness in atheism.
    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


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