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white/black magic, does it really work?

magic is really cool, and i knw black magic is bad but what is white magic, do spells really work, and if i do spells and rituals of white magic, will it interfere with my relation ship with god (Islam) (i know black magic will), can u tell me how this magic actually works, and anything else i should know


  1. unlike organized religion, magic gives you the chance to test a claim. you can only have faith that a religion is true, but you can test a magical spell by actually carrying it out. personally, i think it is probably psychological rather than effective at the physical level, but why not try it?

  2. Its real but dont get into that stuff Ive did it and some freaky stuff have happen..Take it from me you dont wanna mess with that stuff what so ever

  3. white/black magic are myths.
    Magic is a tool, it is energy, it is neutral.
    It takes the same energy to heal someone as it does to destroy someone.
    Like if you went to a store and you wanted to buy a knife, would you ask for a “good” knife to cook with? Is there a separate store for “bad” knives to mug people with?
    No… it’s just a tool. Like most tools, you would be encouraged to use it ethically by most people.


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