white people and telepathy?





do white people have telepathy? why do they always think that they can read your thoughts or mind?
you cant tell them anything with out them phsyco analizing you for it
why are white fols so wierd?
i know that sugar and sweet foods are good for relaxing the mind and making you feel good,
I notice white people dont eat or drink to much sugar but INDEED overdose on diet coke which is known to kill seritonon in the brain.
that could explain why white people are always nerves and anxious also they have rage fits quite often
your opinions?


  1. White people have telepathy with other white people.
    They also invented a way to oppress black people and discriminate the latinos.

  2. I think that alot of whites are wierd and rude is due to their sense of entitlement….WHITE ENTITLEMENT. Most whites will vehemently deny such but it is very true. Whites play the race card on a daily basis but will deny it. denying that racism exists is playing the race card.

  3. HAHAHA, half of your details don’t even come close to giving evidence to this. Now put down the Twilight book, and give me back my weed you had enough of it for today.

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