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While trying to project my astral body I hd a floating feeling bt I nvr floated out of my "body" Why is that?

Can someone explain to me the full process and any experiences they might have had?


  1. that would be a concious projection, however because you had not engaged your subconcious mind to it’s fullest (by being asleep) it did not achieve the desired effect.
    However, one could theorize that the benefits of being concious during the state of projection can infact have rewards of it’s own.

  2. You weren’t playing pretend hard enough to fully believe it. With enough time and effort, you may eventually imagine that you are floating out of your body.
    Of course, you still wouldn’t be actually going anywhere.

  3. It takes ALOT of practice to actually disconeect from the body. Dont get discouraged, most people dont get it in the first few tries.
    Im currently reading a book that covers several methods for astral projection, six in total. One problem could be that you’re too focused on the idea od your astral body actually floating up and leaving your physical body. Just move *with* the floating sensation instead of trying to force it.
    I think the only time so far that I’ve become really close to projecting was the first time I seriously tried it, about two weeks ago. I reached the vibrational state and had the “floating” sensation, but I did not know that was supposed to be happening, so I got scared and snapped out of it.
    Im no expert on this yet, but I suggest you do as much reading as possible on this subject. There are many different methods and traditions.
    Good luck 🙂

  4. You just have to keep at it.
    It just happened to me last night right after a lucid dream so I was already in a very deep state of mind. I was fully aware that I was asleep and conscious. I just had a very “floaty” feeling like floating in water, with my hands and arms dangling down. I felt I had a choice of either staying with it or snapping out of it but it just felt cool so I kept going with the floaty feeling(but didn’t think that much. I think you have to be aware but don’t really THINK about it). It also felt like there was a slow current taking me away. All of a sudden I was in my bed room (I was actually in my living room sleeping because my bf snores to loud sometimes). I wanted to see my bf, but he was under the covers so I just saw that.
    I woke up around 3:30am last night and went into my room and it was exactly how it looked in this “astral projection”. Same colors (very dim light from the window blinds) and my bf was under the covers :p I wasn’t sure if it was just another lucid dream or an “astral projection” as I had never really thought about them really before. It was a trip though!
    I think that you just have to stay into the “floaty” feeling and just go with it, don’t think to much. Stick with it, no matter how long it takes (like in meditation). I don’t know if you have done lucid dreaming, but that’s the deep state I was in before it happened.


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