while meditating i felt the energy flow getting bigger in the center of me.how do i move chi to my limbs.?






  1. Hello, i respect your experience and i am in no means denying it or saying that it can’t happen, however meditating is one of the few cases that is considered an “altered state of consciousness” and we equate it to self hypnosis. During the altered states of consciousness people feel different and have different perceptions that the standard state of consciousness. The brain behavior changes and since the somasensory cortex is in the brain then it’s not an exception (the somasensory cortex is the one related to sensations and feelings from all over the body), it’s different behavior could have caused you to feel what you did. Research has shown that people who often enter altered states of consciousness while meditating are more calm and tolerant of their problems which would make them less likely to be afflicted with a mental malady, however we have no evidence of the existence of a spiritual energy or any thing of that sort. Actually as psychologists we barely have an interest in such materials. For such cases Parapsychology exists (which is entirely different than normal psychology)

  2. Think of it like this. Outside you walk through a door. Inside you think through a door. If you picture a sunny day, you are looking at the image section of the brain, on the right for most people. The mind sends energy about, you know? When you focus on something, you put energy on the idea, place in the mind or places in the body too.
    As to hypnosis, you might think of it as placebo, nocebo, belief, faith or imagination. All powerful forces, it’s true, but it’s hard to believe. You know the saying, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.”
    If you keep making mistakes, you might get low self esteem from that. Check out my blog, everything I do is free. I have 60 quotes worth studying well, although a few are difficult, I think you can get it.
    It’s easier to have confidence when you start winning at everything. That is, intuition helps to have successes and it’s all in the mind. I hope you see the link there. You are really looking into the powers of the mind, in my opinion. Google, mindshiftupdate
    Some other good topics for how to use the mind are some easy articles on emotional intelligence, especially in sports, youtube on Neuroscience of Emotions. Remember emotions are energy on thoughts. They move you. And some easy articles again on Cognitive Therapy. I don’t see how you can learn to use the mind very well without developing intuition, that is the’ inner tutor’. It will show you the way on everything.
    Again you ‘picture’ the energy going around the body. When I thought of walking through a door physically in my mind, I got all tangled up. There is a subtle difference. Some have more trouble finding it from others. I just sort of kept working on my spirituality and imagination. It’s hard to explain a mental activity or life in words. It’s an experience. Words describe experience, it’s not like having an experience. The main language of the brain isn’t numbers or words, but images. Capiche?

  3. Change your focus and perception of what you are experiencing.
    As always, start with the breath. Feel the breath. Become sensitive to the breath energy that flows through the body. Play with the breath, change it, and watch the results. What kind of breathing allows the breath energy to flow through the body without any resistance? Sometimes it can be helpful to focus on the hands and feet. Discover the points in the body that act as connectors for the breath energy. As you become more sensitive to how the mind experiences breathing, you can train it to change the perspective.

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