Home Discussion Forum While mediating where exactly did your astral self supposedly went?

While mediating where exactly did your astral self supposedly went?

I presses the t however it didn’t show up, not sure why.


  1. Dairy Queen land.
    I always wanted to go to the land of hot fudge volcanos and sprite rivers…
    Sigh, to be a child again.

  2. yes
    thats an interesting ‘error’, isnt it
    perhaps thats the right term for what you ask of
    so the answer then is you go “between” (that’s mediation) here
    and “there”
    (actually what makes it mediation is when you bring information back and forth between the 2 realms
    like a shaman
    so where is there?
    best picture I got of that concept is from studying various belief systems, and comparing for similarities in their descriptions of such things
    and what seems most prevalent, then , in mans belief, is that there is an unseeable other realm, that we come from, to this physical dimension to experience within, then we go back to that invisible realm
    physicists try to show that the particles themselves that compose everything in the universe, actually ‘wink’ in and out (of existence here) (they say the particles dance in and out of “nowhere” to here, and appear in the places that conscious awareness of them wants them to be
    (example, electrons in orbit around their nucleus, appear WHERE WE LOOK, which means they move without any time going by, to where our consciousness looks for them
    the particles actually respond to thought
    (another example, paired particles being split apart, and then one knows what the other is doing still even though miles apart
    how can a mere particle “know” a thing, they wonder?
    deeper into particle physics, we find highly intelligent, maximally educated scientists who look more then anyone ever has at the nature of the universe..and then come back and say..
    “It resembles a giant consciousness”
    other philosophies (religions) talk without tangible evidence as science does,
    of us living repeated lifetimes (look into bhuddism and hinduism..very interesting thoughts conjured by people without telescopes..very interesting iundeed (well, they had the big bang theory
    4,000 years ago
    where did they get thaT?
    answers include speculations on
    -and once again, based on the interconnectedness of all particles..as a single “conscious” organism-
    our being intuitively connected
    intuitively fed with things we need to know
    and able to actually receive and send messages to other people, on some usually vague ill developed level
    (well, christianity told people theyd burn forever4 if they used their intuition
    (these same people are okay though with a dog having a
    “sixth sense”(like for danger and weather etc)


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