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While I was trying to see my mom's aura, I saw a circle, briefly?

what is it? symbolization?


  1. no it was the light reflection from the rim of your pupils because you were staring for so long. We do not have spiritual auras – try to let this fantasy go. We do however have biomagnetic fields which are invisible to the human eye.

  2. That’s odd…Do you see that normaly?…Usually it’s just a bunch of colored dots flashing rapidly all over a person…What color was the circle, cause it might mean that she has something bound within her…

  3. was it like a bright arc of light above her head?…
    If so,I used to see these a lot when I was working creatively with musicians in bands…thats the only time it would happen..sort of in a natural heightened state of awareness.Not sure what it means though,maybe thats where the saying “a flash of inspiration” comes from as it was like a very brief flash.

  4. Was it more like . . . A filled in circle or just a ring? I don’t know too much about rings but a filled in circle is a ghost. They are called “orbs.”

  5. when my 21 yr old was 3 yrs old, his father had upset me, when my 3 yr old walked in the house he said mommy your color is black, he would look at me a lot and tell me what color was around me, once when he was the same age, he was sitting on the floor playing by him self, i felt bad and sat down on the floor to play with him and he told me i was in his space matter, so i let him alone, i have no clue where all that came from.


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