While i was gathering info for my book of shadows i stumbled upon a article about wiccan girdles?

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I know they’re supposed to help with casting circles but i don’t really get how you would use them. Also i live in Wake county in NC and i was wondering if anyone who lives in the triangle area could tell me some good stores where i can get candles and incense because i cant find one.

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The Canadian Atheist

You have access to a computer, why not try something called ‘Google’?

Kira, god of this world

hmmm….that’s interesting. there are several websites where you can buy those things. try http://www.azuregreen.com
you can IM or email me if you want to. i would like to talk to you.
I prefer yahoo messenger though.

Moiraes Fate

Ok, that must be something specifically created by that Wiccan because, in the last 15 years of researching Wicca, I’ve never heard of it.

Corporate Kermit returns

Forget about it and open a Bible

Mr Pan

I’m sorry, but “wiccan girdles”??
I assume you do mean girdle as in that bit of undergarnment worn by women, took over corsets in popularity?
What makes them specifically for Wiccans? Sorry, but I’ve never heard of it before!

T. Sally

In some Wiccan traditions a girdle (usually a rope 9 feet in length) is given to initiates, and subsequently “upgraded” to different colors upon advancement in the coven.
It’s used to measure out the circumference of the circle, which is traditionally 9ft. In some traditions it is worn in all circle work, in some it’s only worn around the waist for magical workings.
as far as NC, sorry i’m not in the area, but feel free to email me if you would like
brightest blessings


There are a lot of places you can buy them, but later on, you’ll find that whatever you can make yourself for rituals will have more meaning to you personally, and thus be more effective.
instructables.com is an AMAZING artsy-craftsy web site that can get you started on both. It’s not a bad hobby, I’ve known people into candle and incense making.


I am wiccan and have never heard of this ‘Girdle’.
what makes them specifically for wiccans?

Nightwind: Adipose says Hi!

I’ve never heard of a Wiccan girdle. I do wonder if you’re meaning what T Sally is describing. Some Wiccans do wear cords around their waist (like a belt), and sometimes they are used for mundanely measuring out a circle. Cords are certainly not required, nor does a circle have to be 9 ft.


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