While doing meditation, How can i determine the level?

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While doing meditation, how can i understand the level (alpha, theta, delta) or the state of the mind I am, at the moment?
Is there any test to do, or any feeling that will tell me the level?

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Check your meter.


It’s based on your EXP. There should be a meter, when that one is full, you level up. You should then be able to add points to your attributes.


If wile “meditating” you even care you are no-where near any type of spiritual peace.
If after———you than wonder——-Why????
What have you accomplished?
More concern?
Whats the point?


You can’t. If you do, your mind isn’t clear. You’d be distracted

Dr pushpinder k

I do not think, there is any need of it.
Though purity and peace of the mind may indicate to some extent the level of the consciousness achieved by you.


The only way to really do that would be to have a friend over, who happens to have EEG equipment, monitor you while you’re meditating.
In general it’s not necessary to go that far. You can develop a feel for when you are in a different state of consciousness.
When your awareness is extremely heightened, such as when you are scared or having an adrenalyn rush or playing sports or a game, you’re in GAMMA.
When you are active and engaged and thinking regularly, you’re in BETA.
When you’re nice and relaxed but still aware, perhaps your mind is drifting a bit (watching tv, driving, eating, on “autopilot”) you’re in ALPHA. This is usually where we are at during the beginning of meditation, or end of it, when we are focusing on our breathing or relaxing different body parts, etc.
When you are extremely relaxed, somewhat aware but your mind is seriously zoning out or in a creative frenzy (playing music or sketching completely mindlessly, just letting it happen), you’re in THETA… this is also the state you are usually in when dreaming, or during strong visualizations in meditation.
When you are really out… your mind is still and quiet and you have very little awareness, you’re in DELTA. This is usually the state you are in during dreamless sleep or deep trances when your mind is blank.


The only medical test is EEG, done at a hospital while you are meditating.
Other then that you may have other parameters measured like:
Breathing rate
Heart rate
Blood pressure
Heart rate variability etc.
Now the basic question is why you need this data?
Are you unsure about your progress or not meeting your objectives?
You can ask questions at
Also try free guided meditations available there. This web site is growing each day!!


I’ve never heard of such a thing.
The test of your meditation is how you react to things in your daily life.
Do you get as angry or impatient about things as you did before you started your meditation program? Do you still get excited about things that attract you as you did before you started your meditation program?
What changes have you noticed in your behaviour and are they a result of your meditation is the real question.


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